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Guilty Crown

27 OCT

Alright kids, time to get serious here. First of all, we all noticed how this anime shamelessly ripped off two shows: Evangelion, Code Geass. I'm not even going to bother watching more to find out if there are more - which I'm sure there are -

Story 3/10 :

Hmm...I've seen this before...where was it? Oh, it was on Code Geass. And while Code Geass had many plotholes, it manages to fix most of them at the last couple of episodes. Also, this show is bombing anyone still watching it ( haha , there are people doing that? ) with all possible cliches - which I personally don't mind that much, otherwise I wouldn't have watched Sacred Seven - from every goddamn genre possible, from Slice of Life to battle shounen, I'm not even sure what the fuck this show is trying to be anymore.

Animation: 8/10

Clearly the only reason for watching this show, I'm not very knowledgeable on this side but even so I clearly see that the animation is top tier, many details everywhere with a rather fluid animation. Though it's not worth since you have to put up with all other shit...I wonder when Japan is going to spend money on decent series again...

Sound: 8/10 - revised -

Just like the animation, this is also something something amazing about this show, I preffer the old Supercell but that's another matter, their songs here are incredible - as always - in this series.

Characters 0/10

Ok, this is the main reason why this series is unbearable. The MC is a faggot on the same proportions of Elfen Lied, absolutely stupid and don't know what the hell is going on but decides to go on just because the plot demands it and even so still manages to stay retarded and stupid beyond many, many levels. The plot device girl is also retarded, not even on Yui levels retarded - and this is from someone who normally enjoys mindless shows about highschool girls being cute - , she is more retarded than that. Many, many characters are just horrid - I will not say everyone because there was at least one character that is likeable, Daryl was his name IIRC....but lets move on.

Overall: 3/10

Stay the fuck away from this show. Or better, to quote a friend of mine,

"Ok , stop whining.
GC's plot was so stupid it made you want to pull your hair out?
That's because you did it wrong.
You should've watched it with subtitles turned off (and sound too if you can understand Japanese).
Try it.
Didn't it suddenly become a lot better now that you can ignore whatever idiocy being spoken by the characters and focus on the background and the hot girls?"

And he is fucking right, that's the only way to enjoy this show. I recommend you listening to something nice if you're part of the group that will mute it.

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User Review Scores

  • Story 3/10
  • Animation 8/10
  • Sound 8/10
  • Characters 1/10
  • Overall 3/10


oOfreshOo avatar oOfreshOo
Jun 17, 2014

Dude, you need to watch the full series for reviewing it...

Story is is mind-blowing but authors tries to explain they story at the end.

I think story isn't that good but chars is ok especially closer to final.

It's 8/10 imo, thx for review with that much hate btw, very funny ;)

SwordAcolyte avatar SwordAcolyte
Jan 22, 2013

I agree, this anime blew so bad.  I really wanted to like it too.

Btw, who is your avatar of? Looks familar.

Yol avatar Yol
Dec 18, 2012

I don't agree with the anime comparisons, but I do agree that no one should be sentenced to watch this pile of steaming turd. (Jokes, but really it was pretty bad...)

MrChearlie avatar MrChearlie
Jul 26, 2012

ookamiryu, I know you are tired of people saying shit like you did on your review, but I love it, I feel the same things that you and still feel like the cheat me and want to take my anger out for months, I don't consider me as a big anime lover for all that are against this, you can see in my anime list that I don't have much, but evangelion and code geass are in my favorites, and when I saw the animation and hear the music of this serie, I feel so excited and at the end I ended as mad as a dog. So you can go to hell Guilty Crown, for making a cheap (expensive) plot, and this would be the same review that I would have created if ookamiryu (maybe a 3 in characters but anyway)

l1nktaro avatar l1nktaro
Jul 20, 2012

Dumbest review ever.

Also all animes with robots copied each other they are all horrible i should write a review for each one after watching 6 episodes.

A+ troll review tho if its not a troll jesus christ. just jesus christ.

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