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Sunagan Mar 21, 2010

now i'll really have to go and watch it ^_^

Sunagan Mar 11, 2010

ehhhhh weird!!! xD lol. maybe i accidentaly clicked on something. or maybe my pesky little brother did xD. hahaha. Anyway, what did you think of mushishi? I'm thinking about watching it because i heard stories about mushishi being similar to kino and stuff.

Sunagan Mar 9, 2010

my rating :P?? hahaha, dont misunderstand, 3½ stars is actually a pretty good show for me :P. It did have some flaws, though ^_^!

Sunagan Feb 4, 2010

cool goal :D! Mine is currently something like reaching 7000 eps watched at the end of december 2010 ^_^. seems pretty ambitious, doesn't it :D? And you're totally right about bleach. Semi-interesting but irrelevant to the plot. I'd wish they'd just leave the fillers out. I even wouldn't mind if they would air only 1 ep in 2 weeks, if they would only animate the manga and not bother creating fillers. Naruto shippuuden has exactly the same problem. Bleh.

Kenshin is awesome!!!! YEAH!!! all-time fav character, closely followed by zoro from one piece and shikamaru from naruto. lol.

And I've already got nodame cantabile in my wtw... seems like an awesome series, i ve already had 6 or 7 recommendations so far, so I'm definately, definately going to check it out soon. Thanks for the rec anyway ^_^. I'll give you one in return but I see you've already got it on your wtw list. It's kino's journey, a golden series. A grown-up parable on the absurdities of the human race, and it's beauty. You like thought-provoking things, so this'll be definately one to check out!

Sunagan Feb 3, 2010

Hahaha, you have an interesting watching list ;)! Also a huge naruto /bleach fan i see. you've seen about 3 times more anime than I have, but I plan to catch up with everyone on this site in due time ^_^! Cute avatar, by the way :D