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The plotline was extremely well developed. Initially, the story will seem to throw someone off as it seems like a mere high school drama with no true character development. However, every episode seems integral to the overall plot. The way the Ryuuji-Taiga romance ended up taking over was great. I don't think it came on too hard (as in it took away from any possible side-plots to keep the story interesting or to prevent further character development), and I don't think it was too underdeveloped or rushed. The perfect mix of drama, romance, and comedy kept my eyes peeled to every episode.



As I'm not too sophisticated in this department, I'll keep this section short. My simple opinion on it was that the characters and settings were drawn very well (it fit my preference of the style of animation =/). The movement of the characters was smooth and the graphics were very high quality. Not much to complain about in this department.



The vocal acting was very good. Nothing seemed forced when I heard lines being said. I think the production company did a very good job in picking their voice actors/actresses. Everyone's voice seemed to fit. For instance, Taiga's voice had the perfect pitch of a small tough girl and that seemed to enhance her character to make it more real. The musical effects were very good too. They made the comedy that much funnier and the intense scenes that much more dramatic. As for opening and ending themes, I think lyrical wise, they suited the anime. I preferred the first set of songs (Pure Pare-Do/Vanilla Salt) over the last set of themes. But don't get me wrong, all four songs fit the anime. The change in songs matched almost perfectly with the developing love connection between Taiga and Ryuuji and foreshadows a beautiful ending to the anime.



This is where Toradora! excels above most other animes (at least of the ones I have watched). The writers definitely knew how to make their characters very dynamic. Ryuuji and Taiga provide an amazing contrast between someone who wants to see their parents as opposed to someone who would rather have nothing to do with them at all. The contrast is enhanced even more by their completely differing behaviors (Ryuuji being the super organized one whereas Taiga is very wild and messy). As the saying goes, opposites attract. That statement definitely stays true with this anime. As you learn more about the characters and their feelings, you can't help but make a connection to at least one of them. In terms of the minor characters, I have heard peoples opinions saying that the story would have been better if it was a hidden love between just the two main characters without anyone else "interfering". I totally disagree with this. Without Kitamura and Minori, I absolutely cannot think of a way for Taiga and Ryuuji to develop more. They needed some medium in order to influence their first meetings and continued relationship. The minor characters serve that purpose. Although Ami also seems somewhat underdeveloped, I don't think that deters much from the plot. The whole point of her being there is to be part of a catalyst for Taiga to realize who she truly is in love with. The fact that her love for Ryuuji is never properly answered isn't essential towards the plot. I think it was just there to suit her character (semi-narcissistic and craving everyone's love) and to be a sideplot that people could follow to not get bored of the main story. There is one complaint I have about one of the characters. I definitely think Minori got the short end of the stick here on development. Trust me, I am a total Taiga-Ryuuji relationship nut, but I still don't think her situation was handled too well. All the characters seems very realistic except her. I don't really see how she can be so calm and energetic after "losing" both her best friend and her crush. I guess the writer had a good idea going to set her straight with sports, but if that was the case, her sports-mindedness was never really emphasized. She just sort of became this person who dreamed of being a pro-softball player in one episode (sure she had talent in sports, but again, it was never really focused on as a side plot).



You need to watch this anime. There is definitely something in it for everyone. The plot was thorough and covered up all the stories that were developed throughout the series. The graphics looked amazing and the voice acting combined with music and effects gave the piece the cherry on the sundae. Last but not least, the characters were the absolute best ones I have ever seen created. Everyone can be so realistic it is uncanny. I give this a 10 overall for reaching for high standards and for its ability to capture a wide viewing audience. You may not like the lovey-dovey stuff, but you need to give this one a try. You may just find your sensitive side crying out for more! ^^

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
9.5/10 characters
10/10 overall

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