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Apr 5, 2012

Overview -

This is a VERY rare gem of an anime. The spectrum of possibilities and consequences the plot covers is realistic and extremely interesting. The characters are all unique in themselves (for the most part. With all the anime there is, it's expected that one or two fall into "standard" categories) and really get you to actually think about them in a personal sense. The sound works beautifully to pull you into the story and events, and the animation is perfect for it.

Story -

At first it starts light to get a few laughs and let you see the main character and how he normally is, then throws you a bit of juicy plot.                                                                               The pace is steadily increases and gives you more and more of the main story as it goes along, giving you some comedy along the way to help give you time to process what you've seen and to help you like the cast all the more.                                                                                          It starts to hit what seems to be a crescendo at the end of episode 13, only to get better and better every episode after that.                                                                                         This anime is played out amazingly in a truly heart-tugging way, making you feel what the main character feels, and making you hang on every single plot-twisting moment. The web of plot twists that this anime has is only beaten by soap operas while at the same time gives you no such feeling, which is astounding but absolutely fantastic.

Animation -

While not the very best you could pull out, it works very well with this anime. There's not a lot of action, but this is far from what this anime is about. It flows well, and is used the exact way it needed to be to put the emphasis on the things of which you want to notice.

Sound -

The soundtrack is absolutely wonderful. The moments at which it starts and stops during each episode you hardly notice, but at the same time draw you ever more into the anime, thus being EXACTLY the kind every anime needs. The opening and endings are amazing, and I couldn't be happier with the execution of this.

Characters -

Every moment a character has trouble, every joke, every glare and fumble of each one fits perfectly to make them a plethora of, while strange, definitely interesting and unique individuals of which you end wanting to know more about, and of whom you would love to know in life. The way Okarin, Daru, and Mayumi interact, for example, definitly gives off the feel that they've known each other a long time. Each character works extremely well together and are a great example of good script-writing.

Synopsis -

This amazing anime is one I could watch again and again. It has become my number one favorite anime, and deserves it's ranking with me. Everything about this series is grand and at the same time, humble. I recommend this one to anyone who asks about it, and truly hope people can enjoy it as I did.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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roriconfan Apr 5, 2012

It is enjoyable but the fan service and the plot holes bog it down a lot from actually being a top ten.