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hey, i'm rita

but call me rin or

whatever you want 

except for probably smarties

my friends often call me smarties

i have an unhealthy obsession

with boybands and anime boys

and a weird obsession with 

sports anime 

my advice in life is to

never get emotionally attached 

to sports anime 

i mean you will cry lots

like for real 

they are really emotional 

okay don't blame me 

i'm a NOT fujoshi

*sweats nervously*

of course i am not




i am FOREVER snk trash

i will seduce you with my 

knowledge understanding on the

snk universe

it's a fact 

you probably won't get seduced tho 

roses are red 

violets are blue

kaneki ken is precious

and so are you  

you welcome i'm lovely i know 

i'm sorry 

i'm just a really awkward frog faced penguin 

idk what to say anymore and this 

seems really rushed i'll probably 

i might not bc i'm lazy af

edit this later


houtarou oreki is my soulmate

i wish this would let like a space between the paragraphs but apparently that's not possible so oh well keep that awful profile ily all 

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JohnWatchAnime says...

Hello and welcome to Anime-Planet!

Enjoy your stay :)

Mar 30, 2014