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Aug 29, 2012

This anime was going well for a while until I noticed that it was just one more average entry of its kind.  


If you don't mind traditional brainless anime with schoolgirls that have superpowers and monsters that seem to only affect them and nobody else, then go ahead.  It's more of the same but done more prettily.

I really like the animation here.  The fights, explosions, character designs and their "pets" designs as well.  It's a shame that the rest wasn't up to my taste, because I love wolves, and there's a cool lady that has a mechanical wolf as her "guardian".  I would love to play her in a fighting video game or something.  

So yeah, this is another anime where characters fight other characters by using guardians like in "Kiba" or er..."Pokemon". But their pets are interesting enough for you to enjoy the battles.


The plot is just full of typical anime schoolgirl subplots with romance and betrayals and then you get monsters that attack the school and nobody bothers to explain why the sudden appearance of a monster is not properly covered in world news.  I see this often and it just bothers me.  If they are as surprised to see a giant monster attacking them, why is the world not reacting to that? Why is this somehow kept only to Japan?  The rest of the world just goes "that's weird but that's Japan, y'know?”  It's the same reason why I dropped "Blue Seed".  Grrr.

The exact moment I dropped the series though, is when one main character unleashes her full guardian's power and takes out a military satellite in space, which causes her to drop back to Earth with nary a scratch.  Yay, everything's possible! Ugh, that's it for me. That's too high an escalation of powers for me to find the fights engaging.  It took a while for "Dragonball Z" to fly around and blast planets, no?


Like I said, this is just an average anime with the most common clichés of anime, and I have moved past the stereotypical and want something smarter and frankly, better.  Leave this for the younger ones or those with a wider set of guidelines for anime enjoyment.

5/10 story
9/10 animation
?/10 sound
6/10 characters
6/10 overall
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