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I really don't know what to say except that I live in California (I've lived in the same place all my life), thus I have little tolerance for extreme cold and heat. Like EVERYONE here, I love to watch anime, and if I were able to watch anime all day and night I would.  I even lose sleep because of it. However, my first priority is to study hard, so I don't watch as much anime during the school year. *cries.  I love to play MMORPGs and sleep. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE sleep! I am a total pillow monster, and I often entertain thoughts of sleeping for three days. ;_; Somewhere in between all the time I waste, I go out and play with my friend. :D

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spitfire627 says...

Heyy still alive?

hit me up or text me (three zero 1 ) Five Zero 3 - 0767

May 22, 2012
sothis says...

California will soon be sued for false advertisement! I was thre for the holidays and it was so cold XD

Jan 7, 2008
NoRemorse says...

You bit the bears butt >_> LoL, that's probably how it ended up slipping in the first place XD. Thanks for the welcome :D

Dec 15, 2007
Nobohiro says...

<3 x]

Dec 15, 2007
sothis says...

I'm always sleepy ;_; it's because I spend so much time working on this site! haha ;)

PS: you picked a good time to watch Kare Kano, it gets terrible after that point :/

Aug 15, 2007