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I only started watching anime some time earlier this year (caused mainly by a bit of peer pressure), but I have found out I really enjoy watching it. I haven't watched much yet but the list is slowly growing.

I haven't really got into manga yet though (I'm not a big reader), but you never know, sometime I might end up reading one and finding out I like that better than the anime. In the meantime though, I will spend what little free time I have at uni watching anime.

Not much more to say, will probably update again in the not too distant future.

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wolfangel87 says...

you picked some good ones to watch!  Who was your favorite Death Note character?

Happy Birthday!!!

Nov 3, 2010
xXxRockRainbowxXx says...

Yay!! Profile fillage. Yay!!

Just for me??? Just for little old me??? I feel honered. Lol.

See you soon. 


Jul 15, 2008
xXxRockRainbowxXx says...

Wow you need to fill out your profile.

By the  way nice Avatar. Wher was it from again???


Jul 14, 2008
Blade2003 says...

hahaha now that's cute Grimmjow :D

May 18, 2008
crimsoneyes says...

HAHAHA your avatar is killing me with laughter and cuteness

 I love it. It rocks

May 16, 2008