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About me as a person- Things I love other than anime: fantasy, reading, writing, video games, and I play the bass clarinet. :)

 Claymore is the first anime series I ever really watched. And thank goodness for that. I was quite fortunate that Claymore was the one to welcome me to the anime world because it was so amazing. With demons, sword fighting, and a bad A female warior Claymore definately has alot of my favorite qualities in a story. Not to mention that it was magnificently well done.  


Blood+is one of my all-time favorite animes for sooooo many reasons. I loved every minute! The storyline is spectacular and the chacator build with Saya was well done. The entire series was intense and exciting.

One of the things I that really made me love Blood+ was Hagi and how he treated Saya. He was so sweet and even though he was Saya's servent ,it was obvious he would do anything for her because he cared about her more than anything.

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Hetalia: One of my favorite comedies simply because of all of the hilarious stereotypes.

This song cracks me up every time I hear it.

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I love America, probally since I'm American, but also because he's hilarious.


Russia is also a great character. He can be creepy and sadistic but still come off as adorable. I think that is an impressive acomplishment.

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TheAngelofDeath Jul 7, 2012

About the conversation between William and Chekkara: Don't worry I wasn't going to blame you for me feeling embarrassed about the conversation or anything. Don't worry no emotional distress was caused in the process of that conversation. I actually enjoyed it throughly, more or less what I was really trying to say is that I was glad that I wasn't the only one being serious about the conversation. It makes me really happy knowing that you were serious about the conversation as well, it almost makes me feel like our two worlds became deeply connected at the time and still are deeply connected. And no! I didn't forget about any of those things, I just didn't remember them! (<--- Same as forgetting). But all complicated matters aside (<--- That was Complicated???). I do believe that I have to awnser your question now. (<--- How did you lead into that?!!?).

Huh, hmm huh.... *thinks very deeply about question*

I see not going easy on me are we? Uh hm... uh-huh *great grin* maybe, but then again *frowns* naw naw naw that would work *grins again* but then again that.... *frowns again* (Audience gets fed up waiting and starts throwing random objects at me until I finally make a gesture to decide).

One of two weapons, One: a Katana. I am an incredible blade, one of the best blades that has ever been created by the hands of mankind. I can slice through anything, that is if my wielder knows how to truely handle me. As mostly for a form of unfashionable show for most, if put into the right hands my blade slices through and takes care of nearly all problems that rarely seem possible to solve or defeat. However, it is sad to say that most cannot, and will probably never be able to correctly wield me. Those that do however, will become true legends that use my blade to carve their way through history.

Two: a Greatsword/(gigantic swords like the one that Ichigo off of Bleach has). My mere existance is large and significant. I grant great power and image to the one who wields me. My blade smashes the largest of objects and shatters the strongest of shields with a single swipe. As great as I am, I carry a terribly large burden with me, and only those who have the strength to carry that burden will be able to lift my blade. I require great strength to use and even more pacience to master, but if I am mastered I become the best on the battlefield.

Speaking of which, in this one Anime Guilty Crown the main character has the ability to pull out the hearts of others into a crystalized weapon or tool. Each person's weapon is uniquely customized to fit his or her personality or to match a method for reaching his/her biggest goals in life. I think that either one of those weapons will be pulled out of me if that did actually happen.

By the way I see you started Vampire Knight, great Anime I loved it. Solid story line, good character development and relationships were a little slow at first but eventually pick up pace. I think this is the only Anime that I know that I can completely tolerate and approve of that involves Incest. Although that concept is well explained and much reasoning is backed up with it too so I just treat it as another element of this complicated love story. Make sure to watch both seasons otherwise you will be lost and confused. (and miss out on a lot of cool action as well!)

Now for my question, if your life was a song what would the title be? Leave your interesting or creative response(s) in the comment section below on my profile. This has been TheAngelofDeath, and I approve this message!

TheAngelofDeath Jul 6, 2012

Good to hear from you again! OH WHAT!? BAND CAMP AND NO INTERNET?! *extremely shocked, sad, depressed, and surprised face.* That will be harshness  at least thats what I would think, but you do it because you enjoy it right? And hey, at least you will be allowed to bring your cellphone right, that way you can talk to me! haha! (<--- Thinks too highly of himself.)

"Entire villages?! I've slaughtered entire cities, with my hands tied behind my back!!!"

What fun, its true William and Chekkara both had that long conversation but it was still a lot of fun back when we had the opportunities to do all of that! Although I must admit out of all the things that I've done in Media Tech that one would consider "deathly embarrassing" I think the most embarrassing thing that I've ever done in my life in High School was the way I talked in that conversation. I didn't realize it until I was told about it after the conversation was over, but I felt really silly for taking it sooo seriously like I usually did in most of my imaginations! Honestly I look forward to continueing my conversation with SoaringHeart next time we get a chance to hang out together in the near future! I'm currently on Chapter 19 of my own book "The Knights of Guthinia" and the relationship between Elanna and William is starting to heat up (although William has repressed feelings so is still trying to figure out what the word Love even means even on a basic level! OHHHH SO FRUSTRATING! AND I'M THE AUTHOR TOO! But thats how the book was meant to play out and it logically makes sense for it to happen that way so it can't be helped! However, "Being an Author is not necessarly about always coming up with new characters or new stories, its about giving your imagination physical form and allowing your characters to grow up on their own. You let everything that happens to them happen naturally as if that was natural for them. Characters that grow up by themselfs are a lot more interesting and appealing than characters who's destinies are already decided along a pre-determined route."

Speaking of awesome qoutes I heard another awesome/incredibly funny qoute today from Shaman King. (Person 1) "It doesn't matter anyway, because I'm going to become Shaman King!" (Person 2) "HAHA! I thought that you were only supposed to be able to dream while you were asleep, and not while you were awake!" (Qoute.... "Ryu of the Wooden Sword") *Epic wave of water crashing onto hard rocks near shore sound heard in the background.* :)

SOOOO whats one of the most epic/awesome/humorous/deep/justwanatalkabout qoute or qoutes that you've heard from an Anime before? (yes... I'm restarting our question thing even though you only have a few days before you leave!) Leave your interesting or creative response(s) in the comment section below on my profile. This has been TheAngelofDeath, and I approve this message!

TheAngelofDeath Jul 5, 2012

Hellooo Hellooo! It has been a while since I've last seen you online there is much to talk about.

First off I see that you updated your profile, I personally love the new Claymore picture it looks pretty epic. And the Blood+ picture was so sweet that it almost makes me wana rewatch Blood+ once again. I always get really excited when I hear about a good love story or hear about some affectionate bond between people in Animes.

Next I see that you have started watching Ga-rei zero, I've seen and trust me its rated highly on my list of great Anime's. The story itself is a tad bit confusing at first but it quickly starts to come together as the bond between the two main characters grows throughout the rest of the series. Trust me you will love love love it! haha!

On another note, I found a renewed interest in one of the old saturday night Anime's that I used to watch a lot when I was a kid. Shaman King (No link sorry! Hate Firefox right now!!) I used to watch it on and off when I was a little kid but even though I really enjoyed watching it a lot, the TV station that showed it "Jetnix" or something went out and I could never see it again! :( but I was recently reminded of it and through my websites I now have the chance to properly rewatch the entire series to my hearts content! I even postponed me finishing watching another series that I was currently watching. (Which is in all very rare for me to do!). I suppose that just goes to show on how much of a big deal the show was for me. Of all Anime that I have ever watched in my lifetime I think the one Anime that I could instantly recognize by its openning would be Shaman King!

Oh yah, for the fourth of july we went next door to throw a big party of sorts. I was stuck babysitting the 8, 10, and 13 year olds in the pool who happen to be very mean to me at first :( Although the two girls were a bit edgy with me at first, they eventually warmed up to me once they learned that I was the only one at the entire party who was actually willing to treat them nicely unlike the others. So eventually they started acting much nicer to me and became much more open in conversation as well. It made me think that I was like the main character for one of those "Slice-of-Life" Anime's that you would usually see. being the nice guy is tough but pretty rewarding if I must say so haha! Also we shot fireworks at Night and me and my other friends shot huge artiliery shells into the sky. My shell got stuck in the thing so it exploded on the table from where we were launching them in the first place. That happened like 2 more times after that before we finally decided that the pipe we were shooting from was no longer any good. (at that point the pipe had split in half!) I also burned my left hand several times while lighting the big fireworks, and now I have a bunch of little burn marks were the embers landed on my hand haha!

Oh wow I sure have talked a lot in this message! I wonder just how far down this will stretch? *Looks downward* But hey we had a lot of catching up to do you know? Anyways I would post a question for you but seeing how its late at night I think that I will leave the first question for you once you read this message.

So thats how it is, hope to see you sometime again soon!

TheAngelofDeath May 28, 2012

Hey! sorry for taking so long to anwser but here it is!

I think I would be Athena, she is the goddess of wisdom, warfare, battle strategy, heroic endeavour, handicrafts, and reason. All of which perfectly describe me, and I cannot find any other Gods that are as close as her (except Zeus but perhaps thats not fitting of me since I'm not a big fan of becoming a leader for long periods of time. And eternity is a really long time!)

My question now is which Anime character has your favorite/(the one you like the most out of all) hair style. (Do one for a girl and one for a boy).

Cya later!

TheAngelofDeath May 23, 2012

Probably being seen as a pervert because of some sad misunderstanding.

Now its my turn!

If you were to become the leader of a brand new country What would you name your country and what would the flag of that country be like?