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Jul 4, 2012

The main reason I am writing this review is that not many of the others' onions on this anime seem to be very positive. As for myself, I honestly enjoyed watching Blood-C.

As far as the sound and animation..... it seemed fine to me. None of the characters had seriously irritating voices and it was detailed enough to suit my needs. The only complaint I have graphic-wise is that I wish they hadn't blurred out some of the gore. But I'm not overly concerned with these aspects. Really, all I care about how it made me feel watching it.

The anime starts off pretty typically. Normal school girl by day, monster slayer by night. I began watching Blood-C with low expectations, but my views gradually changed.

One thing that initially struck me as weird.....How can someone be a skilled fighter and a klutz? It really doesn't make sense. Physical fighting requires good balance and acute senses. People don't slay some beast while jumping around like an acrobat and then fall on their face simply walking on flat ground. That would be crazy right? Well after watching several episodes and the situation deteriorates, you might notice that Saya eventually loses this aspect of her personality. As the story progresses Saya remembers more about who really she is and becomes less and less like the Saya she was programmed to be by a certain someone. I attributed klutziness as part of this fake persona. To me, Saya seemed less in tune with this fake persona whenever she was fighting. I rationalized that might be the reason she didn’t trip in a battle and end up getting herself killed.

I have some mixed emotions about Blood-C, but I grew to like it more and more with each episode I watched. So much so that I finished the entire series in one evening. The conclusion was exciting and left me wanting more. Speaking of more...there will be a sequel called Blood-C The Last Dark.

I love the all of the animes in the Blood francize, and if you enjoyed the others you'll most likely enjoy Blood-C as well. However, I wouldn't recommend comparing and analyzing them against each other. I believe that for the highest quality of satisfaction one should simply enjoy each anime for what it is.

Blood-C had plenty of suspense, action, horror, and surprise. I had lots of fun watching it and I liked the character build with Saya. Overall I thought Blood-C was really good.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
9/10 overall

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KryptonStudio Feb 8, 2013

I completely agree with you!

PandaBeard Jan 26, 2013

I'm watching ths anime myself. I agree with your words. They are unbiase showing of your appreciation of anime. I think the low reviews are just being pety.