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➝ Hello! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
➤ My name is Kate. ( Keiti ▔▔▔ ケイティ )

I'm 22 years of age. Medical Student. ISTJ.

My Hobbies Are: 
✘Watching Anime
✘Listening to Music
✘Learning Foreign Languages.

❙Anyway, random adding is fine by me //  きをつけてください!

/Skype; nyakeiti

/Tumblr; caulfixlds

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XxZeroeZxX Sep 25, 2013

Shall, very classy ;)

I hope u don't mind me being a little chummy, but I like meeting new people on the site ^_^

So if u don't mind my asking, what r u up to these days until u get residency?

XxZeroeZxX Sep 25, 2013

Dear god -_-

Lol, jk... At least there's AnoHana, that means there's hope haha

As my prof indicates, I'm a fan of rom/ rom com, drama, SoLs. I'll give u my same quote I give pretty much anyone else, it is my belief that the ultimate form of entertainment (regardless of the media) is that which evokes an emotional response. Let's see some of my favs r Chobits and AnoHana, those r the big 2. I hav lists for these things ^_^. A lot of lists lol. You can check them out if u want. And if u hav a particular kind of show u wanna watch, I can give u some good recs too :).

XxZeroeZxX Sep 25, 2013

No problem ^_^

So tell me more about your anime interests, what appeals to u, ur fav shows etc.

XxZeroeZxX Sep 24, 2013

I study water resources engineering. I'm in my 1st yr here, I did my undergrad in civil engineering at Cornell. I'm still adjusting to the southeast lol.

If I may, I recommend a band called Hemenway. They've released a number of digital singles. They're more of a pop rock but I think u might like them. I'm a big fan ^_^.

Lemme see if I can pull something up for u:


U can't find too much of their stuff on youtube

if ur interested all their singles r available on singleanime