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Monsanto billion the most powerful company I you like more you know if not it’s definitely got yup that's me it's the number-one evil company %uh that needs to be takedown you know besides I think that owns their well no just regular corporation that that is you getting your equal eight months and I'll so it is the day they jet they do terrible experiments and on horrific go things splicing food with animals and really wild crazy like you know doctorMoreau type stuff you know sooner or docked in Magalufdaschle a I'll well in the state you talk about orate now we went to break Safer Colon I was a ally William enable the yet you much needs up the no reason think so are may you could tell me in and not maybe I'll listen to it or nutlike what are some other big things that most in the past couple months night I kept seeing was you know the shootings and the Olympics now I'll tell me more about the though what's going on with Iran and all that that I really don't know well again Israel is now I am I had some news right near Saudi Arabia says it's going to intercept Israeli planes if they decide to strike Iran we have course back Israel interesting thing because Saudi Arabian ire an America first post be friends I'll we have what be war drums beating.

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