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When looking for new series to watch I primarily look for comedy and slapstick humor that have a decent art style.


watching - it's on my computer and is waiting to be watched. #=last ep watched

want to watch - a subbed series that I plan on checking out or more likely I have it on disk somewhere

stalled - circumstances have led me to stop watching these for the moment but I'll probably watch them if they are available. series with no episodes watched mean it's undecided if I want to watch or not and I don't want to look for them again. 1 episode watched means I don't remember how many I've seen.

dropped - usually I won't put something here unless it failed completely at some point at which I will never watch it again


::genres/types I probably won't watch::

mechs, racing, sports, extremely repetitive story explanations, 3d, yaoi, horror, picture drama, remakes of american stuff, animal protagonists, idols, cards battles, antiquated art styles, movies without a series, movies that are essentially recaps of the series.

On rare occasion, I still may watch some of the series on my won't watch list but for the most part I'm just filtering out stuff that doesn't look/sound interesting or comedic in some way.


Ok that's enough nothing else to see here. Move along.

award thing 2nd retrospec prev 2nd

sc1 sc2 chart cal

5hilarious/awesome/memorable/favorites azumanga daioh

4pretty good/solid/more seasons hidamari sketch

3.5above average/somewhat interesting (can probably casually watch these) aria

3average(watch if you have nothing else to watch/half decent)

2.5below average (watchable/missing something/disappointing?) nuku nuku, marionette

2kinda sucky/campy? (almost not watchable/bad?)adv.kotatsu, nanako, mouse

1why did I watch this ergo proxy, chrono crusade


producers will set up a plot twists(kill main characters) and cliffhangers around episode 3 in order to keep viewers watching the show. Mainly because people have a 3 episode "test" in order to find out which series they should continue watching.

bleach 9-9-06 7-14-10 7-1-12

shippuden 4-6-09

gintama 4-11-09 3-31-11

gintma' #-201 1-19-12 4-26-12

zatch 3-19-11


yu-gi-oh abridged 1-48-animeevolution theconseq-56

dbz adridged -2

5-2 treasure 4+0

mitsudo sp1-6 picture1-6 1+0

milky live 1-3 1+0

prin lvr maiden secret 1-6 2+5

hagure queen 3+0

yurumates 3d ova 1-2 4+0

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HikaruTenshi Dec 29, 2010

You are welcome. ^_^


HikaruTenshi Dec 23, 2010

Happy Holidays! ^_^


LamogiasGR Feb 4, 2010

ahah i see... in my way of watching i dont have those restrictions.. i would only drop a serie for its bad plot or exremely ungly art

LamogiasGR Feb 4, 2010

i see.. well its your call..

your pretty weird... chrno crusade? 1? :P

LamogiasGR Feb 3, 2010

mai hime 2/5? :'( thats so meaaaan!