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Hey, I'm a 22 year old aspiring actor. I've been watching anime ever since I was little. My babysitter owned box sets of Ronin Warriors, Voltron, and Transformers, so there was no escaping the tractor beam that is anime.  The first series that I remember watching on network TV was (and is probably the same for a lot of people my age) Sailor Moon on Fox and then it moved to USA. If I remember correctly it came on aroud 5 or 6 central time right before Bananas in Pajamas and Mortal Kombat the Animated Series, respectively. Needless to say it holds a special place in my heart.

Anyways... I hold anime to the same standards as regular TV and Film...maybe higher, so I try to stay away from the generic. That doesn't mean I don't like a little Naruto every now and then, but I especially try to stay away from long series..I just kinda get bored after about 70 episodes. I'm also little picky about presentation in anime, it's pretty hard to describe except that I absolutely loathe the look of One Piece, and love the look of Mushishi, Death Note, and Honey & Clover. For me, when I find interesting characters (and I tend to hate or be ambivalent towards 90% of scripted characters), I'm hooked. I can forgive a lot of things if I'm in love with the characters (i.e Naruto). Though leads normally don't do anything for me, its the supporting characters that I end up really liking and can put a show over the top.

I'd love to hear some recommendations from everyone...I'll try practically anything for a few episodes. Also, if anyone wants my opinion I'd be more than welcome to give's hard for me to keep up in forums, but I'm really gonna try.

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Rhesian Apr 27, 2008

Hey, great minds think alike!  Glad to see someone recommend both Monster and Planetes.  I tend to like more mature, adult-oriented, character-driven anime series and both of these are top-notch.

sothis Sep 13, 2007

Ah ha, I didn't know you were brothers! :D Good to see you all on here, then :p

sothis Aug 24, 2007

Hello! Just wanted to point out, if you want the stuff you marked as dropped (or watching, or stalled) to count towards your "my life on anime" total, you need to mark down how many episodes you've seen ^_^... this functionality isn't in each anirec entry quite yet, but you can set episodes from your anime list or the anirec's alphabetical list.

Other than that, welcome! Glad to see you are using the features and fill out your bio sometime -- then you'll show up in the "Random user" thing on the users home sometimes, and way more people will see your profile ;)