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SexualHorses Aug 3, 2011

Oh yeah I hate huge episode counts too, but some anime is worth it XD I'll watch it after I'm done with the others. Lol hopefully I do have a heart. 24 episodes doesn't seem so bad. Bet its all lovey dovey

SexualHorses Aug 3, 2011

I should check that out! I love Sailor Moon *O* I can watch it and never get tired. If you have not watched Sailor Moon I should slap you XD Is Lovely Complex romance? I could just go check it, but I'd rather have you tell me.

MarcusChristoper Aug 3, 2011

Well I wouldn't say it is out of aloofness or mysteriousness. My reasons include the fact that Japan is a very community oriented culture, even in the modern times where their old ways are part of and incorporated into the new ones. Here in the states we leave our pasts cultural practices behind. Unfortrunately that on occasion includes values. But, all of that is just a slightly cynical side to my opinion and besides, Japanese just sounds better and is a more compact form of writing.

jazzxbean Aug 3, 2011



Sorry but I find the idea of you waking me up hard to wrap my head around. Are you sure you won't just sleep in?

jazzxbean Aug 3, 2011

I've never been called perverse before! I also wanted to thank you for the wonderful "You Rock" notice you gave me, but then continued to berate me. and yell.


But if i get up we can still go...