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noname0302 says...

Apparently a pretty decent number of people find my reviews useful. Thanks for the feedback, happy to help!

Downside is, I have to start spellchecking now. :)

Nov 1, 2015
noname0302 says...

First of all thanks for the comments and follows, I consider anime-planet a really good assembly of anime fans!

I usually review whatever anime I just watch. These review will not be too long or edited for long hours, they are just written in max 15 minutes. I finds review like this with mostly first impressions most useful of all, thats why I write them. If someone doesnt like what I write, there is a nice little hungarian saying for that which translates too: "Tastes and slaps". One persons likes something, others will hate it. I honestly dont care about these comments, because my motiveas are not to change minds already made up, but to give hint to those who didnt watch an anime yet, or dont know if they should continue with them.

Apr 6, 2015
lolitaorcalover7 says...

hi want to be friends

Feb 24, 2015
thief1434 says...

Yeah, uoull really like the ending.  It's very good and a really concludes the season.  

I personally think it hints at a third season. 

Aug 21, 2014