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Anime made my world go round .. and it hasn't stoppend since ^^

Favortie Anime:

I love romance .. either drama or comedy .. I'm a total sucker for the lovey dovey stuff. I heart feel-good anime. Not really an epocalyptic, action, supernatural, alien, heroes, fantasy, fighting anime watcher - but Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, Avatar (**thats not an anime!!!*) etc. are everyone's childhood classics ^^.

What makes me dislike an anime:

The ending is what will make or break an anime for me... in general it goes like this: Open endings, tragic endings, pure comedy with no plot or story, I hated all the characters' decisions, no one ended up with anyone/ unrequitted love, and the guy who loved one girl and for no apparent reason -half way through the show decides to love another one. I will most likely drop any anime that I find out is heading in that direction... I can't tolerate the heartbreak T_T.


Started reading them after watching an awesome anime that had no second season ^^ *ahem Nana. Now I always read them to get to the end of an unfinished anime ... and also because there's just so much good manga out there that may never see the light of animation. I prefer completed ones, because I hate waiting months for the translations ^^ ... or when the author gets sick and the story never sees its end T.T

My Ratings:

I rate pretty high compared to most people... I think - and thats because 1- I really did enjoy all those animes. I'm fairly easily entertained in the romance comedy genre - so if I don't rate high or drop its because there wasn't enough romance. And 2, I don't usually watch shows I think i won't like - so I avoid a lot of anime I would have voted negatively in the first place.

3 stars for me means "the anime was ok or average, just maybe not my style"... 4 means it was "good" ... and 5 means "I will watch that anime more than once"... 2 is "bad" and 1 is "what the hell was that".

And Finally:

Pl leave recommendations .. I am always looking for new ones to watch ^^. P.S. I love Korean and Taiwanese dramas - so feel free to ask me recs on that as well.

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Ryuuk Feb 8, 2010

I sure will, I've been waiting for months, though I might wait for it to finish airing since I hate having to wait for the next episode.

So, how's life? Been quite some time since we wrote to eachother.

ceresAhuraMAzda Jan 21, 2010

Hi there,

Well, I haven't tought about it before so in the past days I've been trying to identify the language used in my dreams and yes, it's still mostly spanish, one reason could be that it's based in memories and persons that actually speak in spanish, may be the day I visit US and know people who speaks only in english and have a dream about it they may appear speaking in english, The english in my life is mostly in anime, movies and surfing in the web, subjects which I haven't dream about yet.

[Animo!] with your bengali learning, it's a nice feeling when slowly, but steadly you start understanding and expressing yourself more and more in a new language.

I finally made to the end of Nana, the last anime episode kindof reveals a "present" time when Nana's daughter has about 6 years and the bunch meets at her old place to attend to the fireworks exhibition. It seems like a day of the year when all come together, but at which Nana (the singer) hasn't come for a while. I'm going to start reading the manga (I tried to identify where the anime droped and unlucky enough I readed the first page where it says something about Ren remains!!!, so it gives me even more reasons to keep following this series where everything can -and do- happen).

I really think it does deserve a second season, Its just so funny at times but above of it,  it contains  very interesting topics handled in a thrilling way.

I haven't seen Clannad yet, but since you mention it i'll give it a look as soon as I can.

And, I almost forgot, my user name is composed by two names (mostly because I liked how they sound) : Ceres (the name of the giant warrior called by Umi in the serie Rayearth) and; Ahura Mazda (meaning something like "wise lord")

Always interesting talk with you, see you around

Ryuuk Jan 15, 2010

Yea well, Holidays were like they usually are, I just hung out with a few friends and got pretty drunk lol.

Aye, you told me your internet connection was really slow, I must say I love that it takes three minutes per episode when I download!

If you are going to watch Clannad, you'd definately have to stack up on some backup animes. First season is great, second season is even greater. I love the series, even though it's a true roller coaster indeed.

I know how you feel, I've been at that point for a long time. I rarely find animes that I really really enjoy. I feel like I've watched everything that's out there. I browse and different anime forums for one or two hours per day. When I do find one that's good it makes me jump up and down in joy.

I personally think Kimi ni Todoke is quite good, even though monologues can last forever sometimes. Shoujo, Seinen and Josei romance are my favorites to be honest, as they're often more mature and there's a lot less comedy in them. I'm quite the comedy-hater actually.

I was going to ask you if you hade any recommendations :(

As far as the piano goes, I just don't play a lot, and I'm quite busy in real life at the moment.

Yours sincerely,


ceresAhuraMAzda Jan 5, 2010

Hi there

Well, Peru has a very rich mixture of cultures and, of course, languages. It's great that you are able to study and travel, although I can see how it could affect your bengali learning, there's no better way to learn a new language that being exposed to it all the time. One curious thing is that my mother tongue (Spanish) is what I use better to "feel" when I read or speak, since all my Japanese-learning material is in English I expected to associate the Japanese characters to English words, but when I remember some words I remember them in Spanish,guess because the basic concept behind is still in Spanish in my mind :) . Perhaps that's why it's difficult to talk with my fiancée in English (we tried to do it for a while so we can both practice) in the end we mix Spanish and English from time to time (not French because I can't understand her well yet).

When I was watching Nana I realized that sometimes in the beginning of each episode when Nana speaks, it's like she was remembering, narrating past events, just as if she was alone in her present, so I was expecting the series to separate them and (hopefully) reunite them again in the end, but it's only my guessing. I'll keep watching the remaining episodes to see how it goes with the story, since you read the manga (which is usually more advanced than the anime) you may have a better idea of where the plot is going, anyway I hope the writer recovers and give us a ending for the story, I'm not necessarily aiming for a happy one since this is a very original work so I will be happy just with the end the writer decides.

What I enjoyed the most in the animation was the surprise expressions and clever remarks from time to time, also the pet-behavior of hachiko, and of course the first opening song goes to my favorite list.

See you around

Ryuuk Jan 5, 2010

Long time no.... read?

I hope you had a wonderful christmas and new year's eve!

So, have you watched a lot more anime, or have you been kindof slacking off during holidays?

Yours sincerely,