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Anime made my world go round .. and it hasn't stoppend since ^^

Favortie Anime:

I love romance .. either drama or comedy .. I'm a total sucker for the lovey dovey stuff. I heart feel-good anime. Not really an epocalyptic, action, supernatural, alien, heroes, fantasy, fighting anime watcher - but Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, Avatar (**thats not an anime!!!*) etc. are everyone's childhood classics ^^.

What makes me dislike an anime:

The ending is what will make or break an anime for me... in general it goes like this: Open endings, tragic endings, pure comedy with no plot or story, I hated all the characters' decisions, no one ended up with anyone/ unrequitted love, and the guy who loved one girl and for no apparent reason -half way through the show decides to love another one. I will most likely drop any anime that I find out is heading in that direction... I can't tolerate the heartbreak T_T.


Started reading them after watching an awesome anime that had no second season ^^ *ahem Nana. Now I always read them to get to the end of an unfinished anime ... and also because there's just so much good manga out there that may never see the light of animation. I prefer completed ones, because I hate waiting months for the translations ^^ ... or when the author gets sick and the story never sees its end T.T

My Ratings:

I rate pretty high compared to most people... I think - and thats because 1- I really did enjoy all those animes. I'm fairly easily entertained in the romance comedy genre - so if I don't rate high or drop its because there wasn't enough romance. And 2, I don't usually watch shows I think i won't like - so I avoid a lot of anime I would have voted negatively in the first place.

3 stars for me means "the anime was ok or average, just maybe not my style"... 4 means it was "good" ... and 5 means "I will watch that anime more than once"... 2 is "bad" and 1 is "what the hell was that".

And Finally:

Pl leave recommendations .. I am always looking for new ones to watch ^^. P.S. I love Korean and Taiwanese dramas - so feel free to ask me recs on that as well.

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ceresAhuraMAzda Aug 21, 2010

Hi There,

I'm glad to see you around again. Well I have some very good recommendations to do, tough Wolf&Spice is still my all-time favorite :

1st : Baccano. It was very interesting, funny and a little twisted too. I liked pretty much all characters in the serie.

2nd : Xamd, Bittersweet. Good serie but a little sad. Not very much explanation about the plot so it made me think to be able to understand the whole concept of what was happening.

3rd : "Working!" was fun alltogether and did surprised be a bit.

4th : K-ON : first and second seasons are very good in my opinion, very fresh and fun. I liked the music too, especially the ending songs.

5th : La Maison en Petits Cubes, a short but touching clip.

Welcome back again and sorry for the delay in the reply.


cassiesheepgirl Jul 7, 2010

Thanks for your lovely comment :)

I'm glad you enjoyed Tokyo Magnitude, it is definitely a series that takes you by surprise :D

Szwagier Jun 22, 2010

A bit late since I've offline lately, but thanks for the comment. Glad you enjoyed Spice and Wolf (yay more followers :D) and Nodame Cantabile. I'm also happy you'll be checking (or checked already) High School Debut - it's worth it.

And it's nice you enjoyed reading my reviews. I know I haven't been writing any lately, and that's due to very easy reason - few episodes of Lie to me (that show is so awesome it's almost criminal)  got me switched  into "focusing on live-action shows" mode (I switch between that, watching anime and reading mangas, it's like a cursed triangle of sort :P). Hopefully the fact that there are unwatched episodes of Giants Killing and Major 6 pilling up, will pull me back into anime addiction again :P And then I'll finish the reviews that I should've posted months ago :P

Galadriel Jun 11, 2010

Well Hanasakeru Seishounen actualy was like a double edge blade for me. While it was still airing i thought that it might have a very happy ending, a sad ending or something between these two. Fortunately it ended up even cooler than i thought and what i liked about it was that it always exceeded my expectation being so unpredictable. Reminds me of Saiunkoku Monogatari which is similar with this show but its set in a medieval, feudal Japan setting.

Galadriel Jun 9, 2010

you don't have to worry about how it will end bcz this is all i will say, it ends up extremely happy for every side. I'm glad that i watched this show, i persoanlly concider it one of the hidden gems of 2009.