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Falling for Manga


*WARNING: This is a rant*

With the recent increase of open ended anime, I've picked up the wonderful habit of reading manga. Although it can end up taking more time than finishing an anime series, I'd like to think of it as somewhat more academic use of my time than anime watching ^^. However my little concoted fairytale of mangas and their wonderful completeness didn't take long to crash and burn. Speding through the 80+ chapters of Nana in what could have been a matter of 24 hours, I came to the realization that mangas can suffer from the the open ending tragedy as well.

Somehow it seems that all the mangas I've fallen in love with have had the authors misteriously fall sick, or the translators suddenly taking a sabbatical from their jobs. Leaving me with a slew of "green" squares in my Manga section of Anime Planet that will never see the day they turn "blue".



Skip Beat!

All suffer from the no-author no translators affliction... and I am just hoping I can finish these series before I have children and my hair turns gray.

Until then I've decided to stall all mangas that haven't reached their "completeness" as the torture of 100 + chapters of unfinished story is way more painful that a 24 episode series with an open ending.


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