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roriconfan says...

Only this comes to mind

Sep 21, 2012
roriconfan says...

Try Ai Doll for drama. I generally don't watch rape hentai so I can't say anything about that.

Sep 21, 2012
sothis says...

Just wanted to say nice work on the recent VJ/NR rec - while I find that making two-way recs works for me most of the time, there's some cases where being more specific (two one-way recs) is far more useful to whoever might be reading my stuff. (or, frankly, making a one way rec for something good to something terrible).

Rarely do people put in that level of detail, or worse, will write a rec as if it's a one way rec, and click the 'recommend both ways' box, thus meaning I have to flag it in the moderation queue! So thanks for putting in the extra effort and making your recs awesome :)

Jan 24, 2012