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I figure this would work out..... just as a quick overview first: I'm Australian (though no one believes me), I'm a nerd (guys have said I'm a hot nerd....but they were nerds too so I guess that's bias lol), I'm unapologetically loud and have been called insane-but not Britney Spears insane....funny insane. I hate people who are fake and feel that they're only worth is through what designer brands they own or how much stuff they have. I feel like sometimes I haven't, and perhaps will never truly grow up, but that just means I'm never going to take myself too seriously-which is a good thing!!

So a general jist of what makes me me:

I'm right handed, my heritage is Filipino, Uruguyian, Spanish, Italian. I can't get enough of chocolate anything, good music, warmth on a cold day, perfume, comics (all of my money has been spent buying out all the copies of Hack/Slash I can find), anime (duh), heights, spiders, clowns scare me, my perfect pizza is thin crust vegetarian with BBQ sause, I use lol way too much on MSN. In fact you know it's sad when you start using it in real conversation....sooo messed up lol....see I'm doing it again!! I miss being in the Philippines with my extended family. And 2005. Those were some carefree times. I have a very unhealthy obsession/addiction to Diet Coke.I prefer single dates cause ew, PDAs infront of your friends....that really grosses/weirds me out. I don't smoke though as fate would have it I'll probably be surrounded by smokers for the rest of my life. I'll probably marry a smoker judging by how things are going atm lol.I swear more than I should, I sing very badly, often off key and I love it, I shower daily, I've only ever been in love once and am confident it'll happen again. I'm just really, really, really picky..... and I can't be bothered atm. I just want to enjoy myself. Someday I do want to get married if only to have babies, little spawn for me to raise in my own image (insert evil cackle). I believe in myself 80% of the time and think I'm pretty 80% of the time as well. Hate thunderstorms- it involves loud noises and rain. And yes, I am aware of the irony that I don't like loud noises yet I'm loud myself. DEAL WITH IT!! I'm basically a failure musically. I don't do drugs or smoke, though I have been known to have the odd drink which has lead to random shennangians and hookups. I want to travel, I want to experience new cultures, I want to experience life outside my comfort zone. I want eat foods which I can't even pronounce. I want to add to my list of random places I've danced in (which so far does include the Pyramids in Egypt and Al Capone's cell in Alcetraz).

Finally....I'd love to hear from like minded people. I'd love to hear recommendations from people or just to have a random chat =)

Cheers and good night.

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Aira Dec 26, 2007

i love ouran high!!!

uuhhh love hina was one of the first i was pretty funny tho i cant reaqlly remember that much about it seeing as it was so long ago...^_^'

never heard of hell girl....must look it up!!!

some good anime im watching at the moment are get backers, ghost hunt...other good watches are...Aishiteruze Baby (i read the manga), Burn Up Excess and Burn Up W, i liked Card Captor Sakura, Chobits (is a must see - even my friend who doesnt like anime liked this), Full Metal Alchemist, Happy Lesson was pretty funny, Ranma 1/2 was pretty good too - romance, martial arts, slapstick cant go wrong, Steel Angel Kurumi was good too from what i remember, Trigun is good, Tsubasa Chronicle, Vandread and the animes on my faves list...

 what about you??? do you have any anime that is must see or any good anime is always welcome!!!

Aira Dec 26, 2007

romance can be good as long as there is a good underlying story or its crossed with fantasy/comedy/horror/ Fruits Basket or the couples in Inuyasha...

Aira Dec 25, 2007

btw a good site to read manga is

ive been an anime fan since i was a little girl (when i used to watch sailor moon before school) and some anime i like apart from my faves are ouran high host club, vandread...fantasy, comedy, romance, horror, mecha...anything really as long as its good....what about you???

wolfangel87 Dec 25, 2007

Thank you for the recommendation, X has been high on my want to watch list.  Hope you had a good holiday!

Aira Dec 25, 2007

i read the manga too so ive only seen a couple epis of death note friend told me about the live action movies but i havent been able to find them T_T...

i know what you mean about the funny looks!!! i was really self concious at first then i just started having fun cause i knew the costume was ok and i looked good in it...^_^...actually we caught the bus in from my house to brisbane city and back agian so we started counting the funny looks we got walking around the city (we stopped at over 100 - but some people stopped us to say how good we looked YaY) guy was really funny..he was walking towards us then when he was next to us he realised and i swear his neck turned aobut 180 in a was so funny...

sorry i havent seen those two animes...

i really hope supanovas better and i hope i can talk my friends in to cosplaying...actually i was looking at going to supanova last year and the tickest were like $70...but this year theyre only $20 so YAY!!! supanovs in a couple of months...if we want good costumes without stressing i should get in touch  soon (we procrastinate...alot)...

i still want to do shippuden tenten - i have most of the stuff...lisha will prob go as shippuden ino - shes still got the unfinished costume too...and now we just need to find other kunoichis for kim and steph (if they come)

 i cant wait im so excited!!!