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I love anime. Action Thriller Suspense Mystery Drama Slice of life Shounen etc. Love 'em all. Everyone who watches anime knows that it is highly unerrated. The animation, the detailed storylines, all magnificent. I introduce this to all my friends. I know most people's response to it is like "its for nerds& geeks, the wierdos" but just becase you watch anime doesnt mean (what i call) the dedicated life. Most of friends didn't even know I watched anime until I told them. and onced i showed them what's it about, about a few of them are into it.

One show I have the most respect for is, NARUTO and its continuing series NARUTO SHIPPUUDEN.  When Naruto first came out, I was just starting middle school. So in a sense, I feel as if I grew up with the anime. If I could, I would buy every season and re-watch every episode , but I'm broke sooo that's not going to work very well at the moment.
I love Bleach, HunterXHunter, Kekkaishi, Soul Eater, Full Metal Alchemist & Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Blood+, Avatar: The Last Airbender & Avatar: The Legend Of Korra, Chihayafuru Season 1 & 2,  Death Note, Code Geass & Code Geass Lelouch of The Rebellion R2, Fairy Tail, Ga Rei Zero, Ghost In The Shell SAC 1 & 2, Gitama, Guilty Crown 1 & 2, Jigoku Shoju 1 & 2, NANA, Tokyo Majiin, Trinity Blood, Birdy The Mighty 1 & 2, Gurren Lagan. These are the only shows I would watch all over again without a single complaint.. except for maybe Bleach, some eps are unneccessary lol.

Of course I love other shows but the ones I did not mention are the ones I don't have the patience to watch all over again. I wish there were more shows like Gurren Lagan and Soul Eater, those two Ive seen repeatedly and still held my interest. There should be more action animation close to Birdy, the last fight scene was effin epic!! as well as Gintama's fights, the action animation is very good and more shows should take notes! Seriously.

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