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Where it was at baseline and I show you why this is important glue gun shown in the graph on the left is the fasting Ramah this is an important hormone that is in charge sending out fuels to the body in between meals in the omelet kids you can see a very nice rise in Google gone over the course of the time between breakfast and lunch in the instant oatmeal kids you can see Luca gone is suppressed now why is this bad thing the reason that this oppression is a bathing is because the fuels that are supposed to be sent out are not going out into the system and fatty acids are very important fuel between male what you can see here in the oatmeal kid that right Testostorm around three or four hours their fatty acids are still suppressed so in other words their body after eating instant oatmeal not being well fuel so how do you think these kids with the instant oatmeal and the suppressed fatty acid how they feel three or four hours after that I'll tired hungry irritable and in fact what they saw is that right around three or four hours the oatmeal kids had a huge surge encounter regulatory hormones plasma epinephrine which is adrenalin and theorem growth hormones surged and sure enough when these kids were given access to buffet lunch that they didn't know had been weighed beforehand the instant oatmeal kid 8 eighty-one percent more calories at lunch and the online kids did so this is this very elegant feeding study really was the first study to establish the biochemical basis for overeating in response to hi refined carbohydrate.

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