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nguyentrandung2004 says...

Great to hear from you. FYI, i've just submit the app for review yesterday. It may take a few days to be available on app store. I will let you know asap when it's up in App Store.

Btw, our studio will give out a few apps for review. If you are interested, you can just simply send me your device ID (Iphone/Ipod Touch), and use it for free. So you can experience it and give us some feedback for further improvements. Or write some review on Anime Planet :)) It will be the best manga and anime reader of ever, I promise!

Finally, hope you dun mind to share with us an email address that we can reach you easier. My email address is: [email protected] Contact me if you have any queries.

Apr 5, 2010
TheOmnipotentLemur says...


Sorry for the unbearably slow reply, I dont check my profile except when Im updating it (I mostly stick to the forums)

Anyway, Searching the App Store, I cant seem to find your app. Has it been pulled?


Apr 4, 2010