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Be warned: Before you read about my thoughts on this particular animé, just know that this show introduced me to the genre and I may be a little biased towards it. Now that that's out of the way, it's time to begin the review.


Simply put, the main plot of Ouran High School Host Club (or Ouran for short,) is that a young 16 year old girl named Haruhi Fujioka attends Ouran Acedemy; A privite school for the rich (or in Haruhi's case, the brilliant.). After wandering into an abandon music room, she stumbles upon a host club. After she destorys a priceless vase, she must work off the money by cross-dressing as a male to work off her debt. Now the plot to Ouran is, well, basic to say the least. Now I'm not saying that's a bad thing, it just could have used some more ellaboration. The show does have a few twists and unexpected happenings, but most of them are cut short due to the fact that it doesn't want to get too complicated. However the thing is that Ouran doesn't need to rely on a deep, emotional plot to make the show enjoyable. The simplicity actually may have even helped. I'd also like to make mention of the two part series finale; Without spoiling anything, it's a surprisingly climactic ending to a normally calm and serene show. Not saying that this is a bad thing - it actually feels like a refreshing change of pace. The ending leaving you with a feeling of satisfaction, making you crave a second season more and more.


One of the things that really makes this show for me is the animation. Any scene that they want to portray is show fabulously, and sets the mood quite nicely. The show has very light and pastel-like colors, and makes you feel as if you were in the famous and beautiful Ouran Acedemy. The actual club room also has lots of nice colors; when they're having tea, you can see they're reflections. When they're staring out of windows, you can see the light shining on they're faces. The animation in this show truly is some of the best.


When it comes to music on this show, there really isn't much to talk about. The theme song is pretty catchy, there are a few nice orchestral versions of the theme song, some nice, fancy songs that portray the prestigous academy well, and that's about it. I wish there was more to talk about, but there really isn't. They were good songs, but sorry OHSHC; they weren't all that memorable.


Oh my stars, where to begin. If you ask anyone what they're favorite aspect of this animé is, I guarentee that they'll answer charcters. Everyone in the club is so likeable, funny and unique, it's fantastic. For example; there's

Tomaki - The dramatic prince/president of the club

Kyoya - The intelligent glasses-wearing co-president that keeps things in order

Hikaru/Kaoru - Two troublemaking twins only interested in each other

Honey - The adorable boy-lolita of the club with quite the sweet tooth

Mori - The silent cousin/caretaker of Honey that looks after his friends.

Haruhi - The sarcastic protagonist that's just trying to pay off her debt

Every charcter gets they're own time to shine thoughout the show, and each has their own backstories and personalities. Each charcter is a stereotype, but taken the just the right level of over the top. Watch the show for yourself and you'll know just what I mean.    


Like I said, I may be biased towards this specific animé, but trust me: it's worth the watch. Sure everyone can find flaws in a show, but I'm yet to find one here. With memorable and over-the-top characters, stunning animation and a simple but strong plot, It's 26 episodes of comedy that nobody deserves to miss.


8.5/10 story
9.5/10 animation
8/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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