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♥From the Eyes of a Pure oTaKu♥ - A Trending Anime


So.... let's skip to the case because i bet you guys all know me as Emma the awesome. I run the famous (or not) blog ♥From the Eyes of a Pure oTaKu♥ and I am here today to discuss with you an anime I have recently unearthed from the ever-so overused internet. ~Oh Stumbleupon... You never fail to meet my expectations~

As i was browsing through this week's top loved anime on Anime-Planet, I came across a name i had never seen before. If my thinking is correct, it is called Uta no Prince-sama. I laughed when I saw it only to find myself, out of curiosity, clicking the link. It did not show me anything so I decided to Google it. With my eyes searching the whole wikipedia page, I took one look at the pictures and immediately wanted to watch it. After reading like 18 million chapters of W Juliet, I finally started watching with a bacon and melted provolone cheese sandwich. Mmm..... Yummy.

As soon as I watched the beginning, I burst. Pieces of provolone flew everywhere as I sat sitting in my wheely chair, half choking, half laughing. The intro to the first episode was completely terrible and for a moment, I felt like giving up but I kept watching against my will and found myself in a reverse harem. I have to say that the actual intro to the episodes is actually really good. I love the tune and it is really easy to get it stuck in your head. Surrounded good looking anime guys, I couldn't resist continuing. Later on, I realized that it is really cheesy when it comes to love stories. I found myself laughing at parts I shouldn't have and it was incredibly dull in that area of defense. The main character in my definition, is really incapable. She doesn't know how to read music nor does she know how to compose it. If she couldn't do that, how could she have passed the entrance exam. I thought that the school she was planning to go to was really prestigious. Why would they have accepted her if she was completely incapable of what she was studying. Even though all of that, I must say that the art in this anime is completely incredible. Actually, breathtaking. The colors are vibrant and well stated and the way the characters were animated really shines through all of that. Although, I don't think the plot is well thought out. In the real world, they have seperate schools for music composers and the actual idols so it doesn't make that much sense. I am still waiting for more episodes to come and I think the comedy is similiar to that of Kaichou Wa Maid-sama. If you absolutely have nothing to do, then Uta no Prince-sama is for you. It's absolutely guaranteed lots of laughs and giggles. I do say that this anime is much of a shoujo so the guys out there who read my blog, I strongly reccommend you don't watch this.


Another worthwhile review. Actually a couple...

I was searching through more of the anime and I have to say.... I ADDED ANOTHER ANIME TO MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITES LIST. Actually, I have a couple of more worthwhile animes to review. I first want to mention that what ever is coming is my opinion and my opinion only. This may offend some. If you think you will be offended please leave my site NOW.

Back to my blog... So I wanted to mention the recently completed anime, No. 6. I start watching the anime and my first impression was.... THIS IS DEATH NOTE REINCARNATE. Both of the animes aren't the same but I still got reminded of Death Note when I watched this. The animation was completely beautiful and the characters where unique and just amazing. I have to say that Nezumi and Sion are (probably) the best shonen-ai pairing so far out of all the animes I have watched.


By the way, my french name is Papillon meaning butterfly!


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