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♥From the Eyes of a Pure oTaKu♥ - Air Gear

26 JUL

Hey guys!! This is Emma here and welcome to my blog ♥From the Eyes of a Pure oTaKu♥. For anyone who is new here, I run this blog to give you the latest updates on trending animes, movies, and the whatnot. Today's achievements are...:

  • Finished the epic anime Air Gear.
  • Read the first and second volume of W Juliet.

I feel good... *sighs* Today's discussion will start on the topic, Air Gear. Normally, I don't fall for the shonen type stuff but I surprisedly ended up really enjoying Air Gear. Actually, to be frank, I dropped Air Gear when I watched the first, second, and third episodes for the first time. After a while, I noticed it was still on my to-watch list on Listhings. Just when I was about to delete it, I noticed the ever-so cute character Akito/Agito character!! That itself, it convinced me a lot to watch the rest of the series. Soon after, I got myself completely hooked. (I can't believe I am saying this but, I am now searching for Air Gear wallpapers...) I have to say it was a really well-made anime series. I now have to read the manga... One thing that kind of got me off was the super perverted parts, especially the scenes containing Onigiri. I found that very disturbing. Maybe it's because I am a girl but normally, I don't care about those things... Another thing was the fact that it ended so abruptly. The idea of the ending was great but I don't think they gave themselves enough time to fit it in. Besides those two, I think the anime was just perfect. I have to give credit to the music in this anime. The opening theme is really addictive and now I have it on my MP3 player. I don't know if it's just me but, does anyone here ever sing along to the "C- C- Come on" in the middle of the anime episode? Doesn't it remind you of Akito's voice a little...? My favorite character out of the whole series would have to be Akito and Agito. He got SWAG. I find him the most interesting character considering his personality complex. I don't understand why people hate Agito. He may sometimes be loud and obnoxious but he is epic and cool. I LUV HIM. Akito is soo kawaii. I give this anime a strong 10/10. YAYAYAYAYAY!

UPDATE: So far, I have gotten through two W Juliet books and I have to say. I enjoy it. A great storyline and I love the little funny bits the creators stick in every once in a while. I can't seem to find the online version anywhere. (I've checked the sites Mangafox, Mangareader, Mangavolume, OneManga, and Mangahere.) I borrowed the first and second books from my local library. Why do all mangas in the world have to be licensed...?!?!


kieiPL avatar kieiPL
Jul 26, 2011

Hey =]

First of all, When I read your blog I noticed that I had similar a impression when watching Air Gear.  The first 3 or so episodes didn't impress me and I was ready to drop it just because some of the scenes were.......... I can't put my finger on it but they were a little disturbing.

After I got further in Air Gear it turned out to be very enjoyable. Despite it being a shounen I didn't get this constant feeling of wow just another shounen cliché which was a big plus. Also in regards to the characters Agito was a great character and was cool. Another great character was Kazuma.

So I think this concludes at least some of my feeling about Air Gear.

Oh yea and I really enjoyed reading your blog. =] Keep up the good work!


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