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♥From the Eyes of a Pure oTaKu♥ - Animes Worth Watching

24 JUL

Quotes of the day - "Anime is good for heart. An anime a day keeps the doctor away."

Hi. Emma here. As you all know, this is my blog ♥From the Eyes of a Pure oTaKu♥! Here I write all most everything anime/manga related also including big events in the animation world. I, like most people on this site, enjoy every episode and every page of every anime and manga I get through. I also enjoy ranting to myself about series that really get me up. I hope my best friend Natalie will join Anime-Planet soon for she is also a pure otaku at heart.

Now, let's get to the main idea quickly and with ease. I am now here now and today at this time and place to discuss the WORLD's GREATEST ANIMES or MANGAS (also titled WATCH IT OR DIE) whether it be a series, a movie, or music (I'm a Vocaloid fan!!) the following I recommend with all my heart to those who enjoy anime. From my point of view, I have watched many series and most of them, I have enjoyed. I have to say, I do discover many new animes from this site. My favorite genres of anime include tags such as comedy, romance, slice of life, school life, fantasy, harem/reverse harem, food, fashion, and the occasional shonen-ai. This blog post will consist mainly of lists. Yes, long and detailed lists. If you do not agree with the listed genres, then the following list are not for you unless you have absolutely no idea about anime and you wish to discover more.

MOVIES: For some of you who don't know, I am a big Studio Ghibli fan. Especially Hayao Miyazaki ^^! I find many of his works inspiring, heartfelt, and just plain beautiful whether is be the soundtrack (Normally composed by genius Joe Hisaishi), the detailed animation, the characters, or even the plot itself. The list coming up is mainly composed of Studio Ghibli works. I do enjoy the occasional MADHOUSE movie productions. Some of the ones they create are amazing too. I am sure many people will agree with the following!

  1. Spirited Away or Howl's Moving Castle ties for first. I think both of their plots were strong and touching. I found that almost all of Studio Ghibli's films are based around a message or theme. The way Miyazaki conveys his thinking into the story really gets me wondering. I think both of these movies are unique in their ways so they both get first place. Wonderful. Just wonderful.
  2. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is definitely second. One thing I know for sure is the fact that this movie was wonderful. This was produced by MADHOUSE Animation. The creativity really shone through. The main character Makoto learns her lesson throughout the story. In the beginning, she was only using her time leaps for selfish reasons and she soon discovered that going back in time can affect a lot of things in the future. It was really well thought out and extraordinarily addicting. (Not to mention the EXTREMELY bishounen from-the-future side character who confesses his love for Makoto)
  3. Whisper of the Heart was definitely a heartfelt story. I felt like crying the whole time. The pairing Shizuku and Seiji is really cute. They make a cute couple. The whole movie was based on the song Country Roads. The lyrics fit really well to the lesson learned in the end. I find this movie really similiar to The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. The plots may be completely different but you get the same feeling from the both of them.
  4. Princess Mononoke or Tales from Earthsea were both well thought out and the way it was animated caught my eye. The lesson was so inspiring and creative. The music tied up story and I think it was really well animated. The way Miyazaki can create a masterpiece like Princess Mononoke really means something. Miyazaki's son Goro created Tales from Earth. I especially liked this one because it was based on the Earthsea chronicles. I do think Goro's work is great but I don't think it is as good as his dad's yet but the way they think is very similiar.
  5. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind or Kiki's Delivery Service tied for fifth place. Both of the movies were creative and lovely. The reason why I gave it fifth place was the fact that the other movies were simply better. All of the movies listed were just captivating but the others ones beat these ones by a tiny bit. All the movies I listed should definitely be watched. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind was so creative in its way. The fact that the toxic jungle was consuming the people civilizations because of the people made me really think. The fact that it is toxic is because the humans made it.

ANIME: I have to say that there are a lot of anime out there. I do have many favorites but the following are the ones I would definitely recommend to anyone. The following are the ones that blow your mind in one episode. They are the absolutely EPIC animes.


  • Ouran High School Host Club was just brilliant. I love all the characters. Just greatly thought out.
  • Death Note for those of you who saw my first post. It was epic and thrilling.
  • Fruits Basket but don't get me wrong. I actually hated the ending but to see all the funny part animated made me really happy.
  • Skip Beat was just amazing. Kyoko's character was definitely intimidating and scary but in a fun and carefree way. Sho Fuwa is not the least bit hot. Ren is AMAZING.
  • Zero No Tsukaima is so good. I actually first heard about it from one of my friends. I hesitated in watching first but ended crazy about it. It was really great and I just think Louise is soo cute. Louise X Saito FOREVER!
  • Special A is really well thought out. In my opinion, the best pairing was Megumi and Yahiro. SO KAWAII! The only thing I hate about it was the first opening. It was so girly I hated it.
  • Kaichou Wa Maid-sama is one of my all time favorites. Misaki and Usui are the perfect pair. In fact, I am going to rewatch it today! This is a definite yes to all those reading right now.
  • Vampire Knight I would recommend to everybody who enjoys super hot guys. The Night Class really is cool but I find Zero even better. I don't dislike Kaname but I don't like him either. I just find him way to overprotective of Yuki but I think it is the best that they ended up together.
  • Toradora made me speechless. I didn't know what to say... It was just so great. Go TAIGA!
  • Gravitation or Sekaiichi Hatsukoi or Junjou Romantica I would recommend to any shonen-ai lovers!
  • Princess Jellyfish is one of the best animes ever. No joke. Any girl would love it. KURANOSUKE X TSUKIMI!
  • Lovely Complex was so funny. I LOVED IT. EVERY EPISODE...
  • Air Gear is a definite watch because of how frickin funny it is. It does have some mature content in it. One of the tags is ecchi.... Everytime I watch it, I fangirl squeal about Akito/Agito!! Long live Akito!
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers was actually quite interesting. The fact of having each country of the world be represented in a character really got me interested. I am one of those many people in the world who hate learning about geography and history but after watching this entire anime and its sequel, I will never be the same. I currently now look at maps as people and their famous sayings. Weird, huh? A definitely good watch but before you watch, make sure you know your history or else this will get you really confused. Just saying...



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