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♥From the Eyes of a Pure oTaKu♥

23 JUL

Well... I have to admit I am not that good at writing let alone writing a blog so take it easy on me because this is a first. I do think writing stories is fun though. But since this is a blog, I will be constantly posting updates, recommendations, and excruciating detailed reviews on the latest anime series, movies, and the what not (including big news fron animation studios). WARNING: Everything I write here is purely based on my opinion and mine only. If you disagree with me, you hold you own self responsible for any mental or physical damage caused. (Let's not get into that subject, shall we?) I suggest you keep close watch on your children for there may be uncontrollable ranting and raving about animes. Rated PG-FG[Pg FanGirl]



Now, let's start with the introductions. My name is Emma. And yes, I know... I am an anime FREAK. My favorite pass-time is, of course, ANIME/MANGA! "And yes, I know, I'm obsessed... Hehehehe..." she says while sitting like L, eating potato chips like Kira/Light from the ever-so popular series Death Note, and watching Ouran High School Host Club for the 23rd time in a year. My all-time favorites consist of the following: (All Shojos... What can I do? I am a girl...)

Ouran High School Host Club Death Note NANA Paradise Kiss The Wallflower Natsume's Book of Friends Fruits Basket Skip Beat Zero No Tsukaima BECK Special A Kaichou Wa Maid-sama Vampire Knight Toradora! Princess Princess Peach Girl Karin Gravitation Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Princess Jellyfish Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka Lovely Complex Junjou Romantica Air Gear

As I previously stated before, this blog is mainly based around anime and anything that relates to it. I'm sure all you readers have heard of the most EPIC anime made called Death Note. I hear that it's what's popular right now. Oh... I remember the good old days when shows like Naruto and Avatar were all people could ever talk about. But that's is not what I am here for today. For those who've watched whether you may be a girl or boy, I'm sure you would all agree that Death Note is one of the world's greatest creations. To me, everything was perfect. The story's main plot involves so my drama and action. All of the characters' personalities were unique and original. The soundtrack was just perfect. The only thing that threw me off was the fact that the world's greatest man, L, had died so easily. I mean, sure, nobody can defeat the Death Note but it was just too simple. I did realize really quickly that L was going to die soon. It didn't come much of a shock to me. In fact, I was waiting for it. It's not normal for an anime series to introduce two new characters to the story right when everything was about to end. It just felt incomplete without L. Mello and Near were great characters though. Mello, Matt, Near, and L are the best foursome EVER! I don't understand why people absolutely detest mello and near. I understand that nobody could ever replace L but they are great characters indeed. I especially hate the people who think Mello is stupid. It is true that Mello's personality made him a little bit ignorant and selfish but people who think that are shallow considering the fact they don't realize Mello risked his life to end the Kira case. He knocked down his pride and sacrificed himself to Near hoping that Light would be caught. He was a great guy! On the other hand, I hate Light's idea of thinking. He caused the world so much pain just because he wanted to become 'God' of the new world. If Near didn't succeed to beat Light, there would be nobody for Light to rule. He would have ended up killing everybody. But that aside, my overall rating for Death Note is a strong 9.5/10! Be proud MADHOUSE Animation!

For those who hesitate on watching, I urge you to push yourself into the bright world of anime where the Hosts and Haruhi welcome you! Where you can gravitate with Yuki and Shuichi in Gravitation. Where you can Swim with Tsukimi and Kuranosuke in fields of jellyfish. Where you can fight like idiots with Koizumi and Otani. Where you can fall head over heels in love with the Night Class members from Cross Academy (don't forget Zero). Where the Sohmas can transform into the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. I personally welcome you to the wonderful world of ANIME!




default avatar milkshake268
Jul 23, 2013

I must say you just took all of the anime I ADORE and listed them do you have ANY recondimations for me   <3 Hmmmmm...?

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