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Dark Myth

23 JUN

This anime is just bad.  Not campy bad, just bad.

You pretty much need a religious degree to comprehend any of what's going on.  The story itself feels like obtaining a religious degree--boring.  The story is superficially pretty cliche--a young man feels drawn to some ancient artifact, only to discover he is the reincarnation of something or another.  That's basically all I could really glean from watching it.

The animation is passable, but nothing to particularly capture the eye, except maybe some of the backgrounds, which are nice.  Some of the ancient art is cool to look at, as well.  The character designs are bland and boring.

The voice acting of the dubbed version is truly awful.  Some of the actors don't even pronounce the character's names right!  The narrator drones on like a bored professor and drops relgious terms as if everyone knows what they mean.  The background music is fairly inane, sounding like 80s or 90s corny music.

Characters?  Mere cairacatures.  No real depth or explanation for why they know what they know, or why they are even there.  Boring.

Overall, Dark Myth is just boring.  Its worth is not much, even if you DO have a religious degree.  Steer away!!

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User Review Scores

  • Story 1/10
  • Animation 4/10
  • Sound 2/10
  • Characters 2/10
  • Overall 2.3/10


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