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Hehehe...its kinda sad how much anime i have watched. Oh well.

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sothis Sep 9, 2007

Hi there. ^_^

First, I noticed that you first tried to register navy1212 and it didn't work... do you want me to change your name to that?

Second, if you are looking for recommendations, you are definitely in the right place. Not sure if you've seen the anime recommendation database yet, but it's perfect for you. Just look up one of the anime you've liked already, and it will show you a list of others people also think you'd like. You can click "click here to read why" to see the reason why they recommended that anime for you, which is important because some people recommend because of similar music, some because of similar plot, and other ideas. You can choose which recommendations sound like something you'd be into.

Also, start to keep track of what you've watched so people know what NOT to recommend for you. To do this, click "anime recommendation database" and then one of the letters in the alphabetical list. Ne