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Story: The series starts off with an interesting premise. However, I think it falls flat while resorting to the typical high school scenes (festival, karoke, beach) without offering too much. I did think there was a decent amount of humour and I did laugh quite a bit. However, the ecchi was a bit much for me. I think they could have toned it down and tried to put more content in place. In addition, some aspects were poorly explained or weren't developed thoroughly. The conclusion was subpar if not just plain bad. It makes a decent laugh but I do think they are series out there that are both funny and full of legitmate content. Sad to say, that this didn't deliver.

Animation: Decent but not special. The character designs are nice but not memorable. They seem to blend with other designs and don't stick. After a while, I probably won't remember how they look. Also, again, a hefty amount of fanservice (i.e. too much) which I think cheapens the quality. For the most part, it was nice to look at. However, an amusing sidenote is the ambigious human forms at the title screen. They add unexpected humour.

Sound: Supbar for the most part in both soundtrack and opening/ending. The seiyuus were either ok or annoying (some were just grating). I don't remember much of it.

Characters: Similar to the plot. The characters started off interesting but a good majority of them just fell into a stereotype or become annoying. A few stayed likable but I didn't care for half them which is a bad sign. They have some development but not much (some even get worse). Obviously, there is a love aspect but that doesn't lead to anything or even develop too much. Sadly, it's pretty disappointing. However, their antics do get a good amount of laughs.

Overall: It's a good comedy with plently of laughs and it's not too long. However, there is a definte lack in content or anything to make this series really stand out. If you're looking for something quick, not too intense with plenty of humour and fanservice to fill the time, this is just up your alley. However, you want something with substance, I wouldn't recommend this one. Or you can try the manga.

5.5/10 story
6.5/10 animation
5/10 sound
5/10 characters
5.9/10 overall

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