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Kuroshitsuji 2

Aug 1, 2011

Story: Season one was disappointing so I intetionally did not intend on watching season two. However, I read the manga (which is actually good) and I missed seeing Sebastian. Therefore, I decided to watch season II. I should have known better. The plot is scattered and haphazard. It felt like it was all over the pace and pacing was not good to say the least. I had low expectations to start out and it didn't even meet those. The positive aspects of season one was the dark humour and interesting premise (although it fell flat). This didn't have much humour and the premise was....mediocre compared to the first. In exchange, there is much, much more fanservice for both guys and girls. I mean blatant fanservice which borderlines ecchi. In addition, it is much more grotesque and has much more violence and cringe worthy scenes. In addition, the ending was bad. I though the first ending was bad but that holds no comparision to this. All in all, you have pretty people to look at with little humour. It's a different kind of fanservice but it doesn't offer much else.

Animation: The animation still holds par to season one. The scenery is beautiful. There is nice attentiona to detail. Thre is a pleathora of bishounen and an addition of Hannah to add a pretty female to look at. However, the movements tend to be awkward. The opening and ending sequence are alright. Nothiing spectacular but nice to look at.

Sound: I really enjoyed the soundtrack for season II as I liked the soundtrack for season I. The opening and ending pieces were nice. Daisuke Ono's does a wonderful job again. Overall, the seiyuu's did a great job. Since Elizabeth's role was smaller, I didn't have to listen to her irritating voice as much.

Characters: Subpar at best. The development was all over the place along with their emotions. I just didn't understand what their angle was. Simply put, the characters didn't make much sense. I just became annoyed with the bunch of them. There just isn't much there.

Overall: Nice animation and sound can only make up for so much when there is too many bad plot elements and characters. So watch it for the: pretty people, fanservice, soundtrack, and Sebastian because you're not going to get much else.

4/10 story
7.5/10 animation
7.5/10 sound
4/10 characters
4/10 overall

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HoboGirl Aug 6, 2012

I agree I wouldn't mind seeing a relaunch of the series more heavily based on the manga since the anime went a differant direction than the manga.