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Deadman Wonderland

Jul 9, 2011

Story: I'm usually not much for gore but I was really interested in this series for some reason. It starts of with a very interesting premise with Ganta going to the prison Deadman Wonderland for a crime he doesn't commit. It continues the madness and insanity through all the episdoes. The pacing is great without an episode of filler or a dull moment. There is a great amount of shock factor after a simply calm and almost happy moment. However, the finale leaves MUCH to be desired. It is definitely banking on a second season because there are SO many questions that are left untold along with many people's past. Several events are not fully explained and, unless you've read the manga, will leave you questioning. However, if there is a second season and it mimics the rate and style of the first, then it will be a great watch. It definitely is on the mature side with the darkness of people's heart, the sheer insanity and gore. If you are squimish, this may not be show for you. It is definitely a exciting and interesting series though. It just really lacks a good ending.

Animation: For the most part, I really enjoyed the animation. It was vivid, bright and detailed. The action was fluid and visually interesting with the deadman powers. There is a large amount of gore and explicit violence so you are warned. The character designs were distinguishable but not particulary memorable with the exception of Shiro as the albino girl in the body suit. It surprisingly doesn't have much ecchi considered she looks near naked for the most part. I really enjoyed the opening and ending. There are very different from each other but are very well made. My biggest problem with the animation were the scenes which were dark. Some of these scenes were very important and you can hardly see what is happened. Unless you read the manga, it's hard to tell what is going on.

Sound: I loved the opening, ending and seiyuus. There were great. However, I only remember one soundtrack piece that I really liked. All the other tracks didn't deter from the scene but I can't really remember it which is disappointing. Woodpecker song was a nice touch though.

Characters: Interesting characters for the most part but some were just out there. I didn't understand their perspective (undertackers, promoter, etc.) or their actions other than they are insane. Some of their pasts are shown but it doesn't make much sense. Ganta is definitely a protaganist you don't see often because of how weak and whiny he is; however, his determination is admirable. Shiro is definitely one of the main reasons to watch the show. I would have liked more background on the others though.

Overall: Interesting idea, nice songs, nice animation and plently of gore with a cute albino girl. Bad ending which is banking on a second season. If you want something dark, edgy and not of the norm, definitely something you should check out.

6.9/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
6.9/10 characters
6.9/10 overall
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eleniyo1992 Aug 28, 2011

One of my fav anime! I really liked your review and I agree about the dark scenes.

Beautiful opening and ending

LoliTsundere Jul 13, 2011

There was lots of censoring in this one, allthough on high level so you wouldn't even get it sometimes. I'm sure some of the dark scenes you refer too also had black filters over them, or body parts blened out, etc. I don't expect that to be on the blue-rays though.