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Feb 27, 2011

*I wrote this once and when I hit submit, my internet failed. So I'm writing again so it's probably not as in depth as the first one.


I was excited to watch Nana because I loved and was addicted to the manga. The anime did not disappoint except for the ending. It's hard to find an ending for Nana because it stayed so true to the manga and the manga isn't over. There isn't even really a place to end it so the anime ending came pretty close to finding some type of closure although there is much left to wonder. However, I'm glad they didn't just make up an ending.

The series itself is mainly about music with drama and romance. They do an excellent job in all three aspects. The drama can become heavy at times but there is some random bits of humour which are surprisingly funny. The plot isn't predictable and has depth which can be hard to find in romance series. Also, surprisingly for a 47 episode series there is no filler episode. None.


Nana has a very unique style specific to Ai Yazawa. The characters have a distinct appearance although they do have long limbs and fingers. If I saw a still of Nana, I would be able to recognize it. The colors are bold and the backgrounds are nicely done. The openings are nice and the second one is of my favorites. The endings are bit a more boring sometimes being only a still. Emotions were done amazingly along with the humour. Whatever emotions whether laughter or tears, it's gets the feeling across.


The original soundtrack pieces were disappointing and subpar except for a few tracks. However, that was my only problem with the sound. The j-rock/pop pieces were amazing. I am going to buy the Nana best album which shows you how much I love the songs. The seiyuus did an amazing job. There were so much emotion without being too much.


With romance and drama series, I find it hard to find characters with depth. However, there is no lack of depth in Nana from either the characters or the relationships. No one can be simply put in a few words. It's difficult to describe but I really liked the cast because they had a realistic quality to them. Nana K. can be frustrating though. However, like the rest of the characters, she's written in realistic manner where she does develop but her true self remains the same.


If you're a fan of drama, romance, music or the manga, I would definitely watch this. Beware, it's very addicting and the ending does leave something to be desired. However, even though this is a longer series, I'd probably watch this series again. There aren't too many series that I can say that with.

7.5/10 story
8.5/10 animation
8.9/10 sound
9.3/10 characters
8/10 overall
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