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Story: I don't particularly like mecha but I decided to try this because of all the good things I hear about it. I was surprised. The first half was exciting and full of drama, action and comedy. It had some soul to it and real spirit. However, the second half felt too complex and confusing. They tried to put way too many logic suspending concepts into one without too much explanation. You just had to go: "Ok, that didn't make any sense but ok". I know a lot of anime doesn't need to make logical sense but you're left in a state of bewilderment. The ending was fitting; however, the resolution seemed like it came out of nowhere. Although the second half was so different from the first half, I still enjoyed the series as whole. It has a fun and invigorating feel to it. I didn't get tired or bored.

Animation: At times the movement and characters looked awkward but for the most part the animation was stunning. It doesn't look like a run of the mill shounen which is nice. The characters all have unique look to them. I know that if I saw just a shadow of the characters I would know who they were. The opening was generic but I liked the ending. Colors are bright and bold except when the mood suggests otherwise.

Sound: I loved this soundtrack. The opening was pretty generic but the rest of the soundtrack was badass. I liked the hip hop and rap elements. It had a cool feel to it. I'll definitely want to get this soundtrack which should tell you something. Also, I love Libera Me from Hell. It just sounds awesome. I can't say much for the voices because I watched the English dub. The English dub was ok. I have my preference for Japanese so sometimes the voices just didn't sound right sometimes.

Characters: Kamina. He makes this series. He is the strongest personality in the series that it's hard for the others to compare. Simon does an ok job being a second but he can't quite match. However, the main cast is highly memorable. Not just Kamina, but Simon, Yoko, Viral and others still shine which is hard but shows how good this cast is. My main issue were the rival (which I don't want to give away). There motives just didn't make much sense and you didn't find out too much background or development about them. Otherwise, there's development all over the place.

Overall: Flashly and highly entertaining. It may not have the most thought out or logical plot but it's definitely worthwhile. At the very least, you'll be entertained to the end.

7.5/10 story
7.9/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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