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*I just typed this entire review when my computer decided to take me to the previous page and I lost it all. This is much as I can remember of what I typed*

Plot: A dating sims otaku is forced by a demon into rounding up loose souls by getting real girls to fall in love with him. I love this concept and the series really does deliver in that aspect. There is humor and romance although the romance is short lived. The plot shows progressions through as the female becomes increasingly more complex. There are two filler episodes but they are very funny and cute so it's not a complete waste of time. However, this series does rely heavily on having a second season. The ending felt like a filler where Keima undos most of his development and goes back to a weirder versions of his former self. However, a second season does show that there will changes. Without that, this score would have been much lower and this series would be a little disappointing. So it's nice that you'll get to see more which is definitely what you need.

Animation: It's definitely up to par with 2010 animation with bright colors and attractive characters. The characters do look different from one other which is nice since this is a harem and they usually end up blending together. However, the opening and ending are cute and are very representative of the series. I definitely enjoyed all the details especially the little gaming titles and such.

Sound: Pretty generic for the most part especially with the ending, the score and even Kanon's songs. However, the opening was very different and had a good electronic beat which was very fitting. I also liked how they used the rest of the song during scenes in the series. The seiyuus did a really good with the little quirks for the characters.

Characters: I'll start off with the females who made a majority of the cast but not much of an impact. For the most part, they were cliche and frankly annoying. You do see development but they become easily forgettable to the point that I really don't know there name. Else is cute but her stupidity really undermines her potential. However, I did like the librarian and Keima's mother. I felt that the librarian was very relatable and had the most dept of the four girls. Keima's mother was just unexpectingly hilarious. The major showstopper was clearly Keima. There is shreds of development within him with his interactions with real females but they don't last for very long. However, I find him so hilarious and likable that it didn't really matter. I am glad that there is a second season to, hopefully, show some real development in his character. But he's still awesome.

Overall: This series is heavily riding on the fact that there will be a second season. I did really enjoy this especially the concept which I though was so refreshing and funny. There are plently of laughs in this one and I would recommend this people who like comedy with some romance.

7.5/10 story
7.5/10 animation
7/10 sound
7.5/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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