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Nov 29, 2010

Plot: A very promising premise but I felt it disappointed a little. The beginning of the series felt very episodic with only a few flashbacks and bits that hinted toward a solid plot. The second half delivered a lot more but I felt was confusing. Much is not said explicitly so you have to think about it. Surprisingly, there is a lot of fanservice. Although not explicit ecchi, there is a lot especially with Ciel and Sebastian. That disappointed me because I felt that there could have been much stronger relationship if there wasn't the hints of shota. The episodic beginning didn't kill the series for me but definitely caused me to pause it. There weren't bad but I felt like it wasn't going anywhere. However, I did like the humor. It was dark and sinister but still really funny. It reminded me of Durarara!! in that aspect. The ending fight was a little much and I was just thought: "Really". It was also very open ended. I guess that always it to open the door to a sequel. However, once you get past the beginning episodes, it becomes really interesting and draws you in. It was intriguing but I felt like it didn't live up to it's potential.

Animation: There is eye candy everywhere. I mean you'd think it was a shoujo with the sheer amount of bishounen characters. Almost every male is attractive in some aspect. The character designs are very attractive. Glossy skin, beautiful hair, detailed clothing, great figures. Although, Sebastian and Ciel were the ones that stood out while the rest were pretty to look at but not too memorable. The backgrounds were also very detailed and was done well. Looked like Victorian England. There was also a hazy effect which was nice. Also, the random screen shots of the food were a nice touch because I do love my food. The opening seemed a little pedo to me but the second opening was nice. The first ending was really cute while the second one didn't have as much movement but it fit. Movements weren't as fluid as they could be and I wasn't a fan of the fanservice (haha, irony).

Sound: I love Daisuke Ono and Maaya Sakamoto so I loved the voices. I really liked the voice cast for the males but I felt that most of the girls were annoying. The soundtrack was nice and I liked a lot of the pieces. I'm probably going to go and buy the soundtrack. The first opening was a little creepy but the endings were good. The english sound threw me off at first but I began to like it after a while. If the the girl's voices were as good as the male's, the sound score would probably be higher.

Characters: Most of the characters aren't fleshed enough to be that interesting. They do attempt to give a background but it's not nearly enough time. I felt that it just didn't really fit and was out of place but at least it was an attempt. Ciel's development is really strange. I don't particulary like it and I'm sorry but I'm not a big fan of the Ciel and Sebastian thing. It's just not healthy and, frankly, kind of creepy. I do think that Sebastian is an interesting character, though. He does show some concern for Ciel (which is nice development) but you can still that at the end of the day, Ciel is another soul to him. However, he is does add a lot of humor and charm. The secondary cast doesn't do much for me in the exception of a few characters (Grell, Undertaker, Madam Red). However, they are very funny and amusing.

Overall: This disappointed me a bit. I would still recommend this to people but I felt that if it didn't have as much fan service, it could have been something amazing. However, you'll still get beautiful characters with a lot of humor. Some action and drama too. It's definitely enjoyable even if you're not into heavy stuff.

6/10 story
9/10 animation
8.7/10 sound
6/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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