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Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

Nov 20, 2010

Plot: I loved the manga but some of the issues in the manga transferred onto the anime. The biggest one is how stubborn Misaki is with her relationship with Usui. I found it very annoying how their relationship would flip-flop. They obliviously love each other but they neither will admit it. However, their dynamics are still cute and will appeal to shoujo lovers. The episodes are mainly episodic with a couple of plotlines like Misaki and Usui's relationship and appearance of Hinata. However, for the most part, each episodes usually as a resolution at the end which isn't necessaryily a bad thing. The ending leaves much to be answered. I don't know whether or not there will be a second season but if there isn't it, you'll be left longing for much more. However, there is plently of romance and comedy to make this a pretty enjoyable series but prepare yourself for two very stubborn people.

Animation: I was VERY surprised to hear that J.C. Staff produced this because for the most part the animation was atrocious. The character designs and a few minor details were beautiful but that's about it. The backgrounds were awful and poorly drawn. Honestly, it looked like it was the background from Shin-Chan. It really noticable and annoyed me. If you just look at the characters, then you won't notice it but I look at the animation as a whole and I just can't give it a higher score because of that. However, for both guys and girls, you have plently of eye candy because Misaki and the other maids along with Usui and some of the other guys are mighty FINE.

Sound: They were ok. Not too memorable but, most of the time, it fit the part. I didn't like some of the instrumental pieces though because they seemed really cheesy. The opening and ending were catchy but forgettable. The seiyuus did a great job though and fit their characters little quirks.

Characters: The really liked the characters. Misaki is a strong female lead. Although she may not have the same superpower skills as Usui, she does prove that she doesn't always need a man to save from everything. I would have liked her more if she wasn't so stubborn about her feelings with Usui. On the other hand, you'll have trouble not loving Usui. He's just hilarious and I would love to have this perverted alien from outer space stalk me :) The other characters didn't have too much to them. They did add something and weren't easily forgettable but the main focus was put on Misaki and Usui. Although they keep added to their relationship, it takes a long time before they actually admit something. However, I did like this cast. Most of them had depth and were people you'd love to be friends with.

Overall: I'm really hoping for a second season because, if not, then this will leave you wanted much more (which is what the manga is for). I would still recommend this for shoujo lovers because it's still really enjoyable with plently of cute moments to leave you smiling. Also, the ending did leave me smiling (desiring more but still smiling). As much fun as this series is, I wouldn't consider it a high quality series.

6/10 story
5/10 animation
6.9/10 sound
6/10 characters
6/10 overall
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