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Story: Dance in the Vampire Bund just tried to put too many things and genre into one. It was romance, comedy, action, drama, political, loli, supernatural without enough in each to make something solid. I feel like it could have potential because it is an interesting take on supernatural creatures but I ended the series wishing that it had more or it could have been blended better. I'm not much of a fan of the whole pedophilia thing (I know that she's like centuries old but she's still in the body of a 12 year old so it's a little creepy along with the relationship of the student council president and her neighbor). I didn't like the amount of fanservice because it didn't really add much. I felt like there were too many unanswered questions by the end of the series and it was kind of complicated. I don't mind series that don't spell everything out but the way they added details without throughly explaining them made things convoluted. The romance seemed borderline between affection and obligation which should have been better developed but I was definitely not a fan of the harem that was happening out of nowhere (it felt). Also, I felt it was really fast paced. It definitely peaked my interest but wasn't very satisfying.

Animation: The colors are bold and the character designs are attractive. There's plenty of eye candy for all and the opening and ending sequences were nice. The plethora of screenshots and weird camera angles kind of distracted me but it was interesting. The movements were pretty fluid but the point of view was a little strange. Although the tag says ecchi, there wasn't that much of it (which I liked). The supernatural creatures were well done. It was really nice animation.

Sound: I liked the opening and ending and some of the soundtrack pieces. The rest were lackluster. The seiyuus did a great job and had great range. No annoying voices especially Mina was awesome considering she's supposed to sound like she's 12. Not completely forgettable but slightly above average.

Characters: I felt like you were just supposed to accept things about the characters without a real sense of development or how they got to that point for most part. They were interesting (some were a bit cliche) but I've never seen loli vampire ruler which was cool. I liked Mina but the rest left something to be desired. Akira kind of confused me especially his past which I wasn't throughly explained. There was just too many gaps with only abrupt flashbacks. It's kind of like the plot. It was just too many things slapped together without enough substance but still kind of interesting.

Overall: If you're looking for something quick with a whole bunch of genres that's cool to look at, Dance in the Vampire Bund is for you. If you want something supernatural with substance, this is going to disappoint. I hear the manga is good so I might try that out instead of watching this. However, if you've always wanted to see a loli vampire ruler, then you'll love this.

6/10 story
8/10 animation
7.5/10 sound
6/10 characters
6/10 overall
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