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Paradise Kiss

29 OCT

Story: Very engaging plot. It's drama, comedy and romance done well within the fashion industry (a nice twist). The relationships are twisted but have charm in a way. I enjoyed the story and I couldn't stop reading it even though I needed to sleep. The ending has a bittersweet taste to it. It's well paced and developed well with unexpected twists. Although I did get annoyed at times, I still liked it. I would recommend this to others who were looking for something for an older demographic. Warning: they are some sexual scenes that I felt were awkward. The dialog was just weird for those scenes. 

Art: Limbs and noses were drawn strangely from time to time (but I find this in a lot of her works so I'm guessing it's just her art style). However, I loved the character designs. They were quirky and memorable. The fashion was beautiful and reminded me of Harajuka. Emotions and scenery was done well too. 

Characters: Just to put this out there, the relationships are pretty twisted especially Yukari and George. That was not healthy but it did help them grow in a way. The characters usually make understandable decisions that you probably could relate to (even if they were annoying). The characters did develop but did stay true to themselves. I felt each developed a surprising amount for the time that was there. I don't want to spoil things but I did like Yukari's decision at the end. They make a really quirky and likable cast even they annoy you at times with their decision. They have flaws but they try to work with them. 

Overall: I liked it but I felt like something was missing. I would recommend this to someone who was looking for a more mature read but I am going to warn that it leaves something to be desired. Great fashion though. 

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