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Story: Baka and Test lacks in the plot department. However, it doesn't lend itself to having a deep and profound plot. It's full of running gags and comedy and it does well in both aspects. It's incredibly funny and the gags don't really get old. They're humorous from the beginning to the end. I laughed a lot and I would watch it again. It's light and funny and doesn't give you too much to think about other than how enjoying it is to watch. Some elements are recycled and, although it had little plot, I thoroughly enjoyed it and had fun watching it. 

Animation: Other than the weird polka dot shadows, the animation was very pretty. Bright bold colors and cute details really brought things to life. I loved the the pencil stills and character designs. The opening was cute and whimsy along with the end. Very easy on the eyes and, although not completely memorable, it was distinguishable. I didn't particularly like how everybody looked like they were blushing but that's one of the few cons. The avatars were adorable and loved the magical girl references (funny enough there's a Code Geass reference as well). The avatars are adorable as well.

Sound: Great job on the sound. The op and ed numbers matched the animation as well as the seiyuus. They matched perfectly and weren't annoying at all. The score fit the scene but wasn't memorable. Like the animation was easy on eyes, the audio is easy on the ears. 

Characters: A kooky cast that's lovable. Some cliche characters but they're still likable. I've seen characters like this before but I still found the cast pretty distinguishable. Surprisingly, there is development throughout the 13 episodes. I usually don't like idiots but I liked these bakas so that says a lot. FYI, Hideyoshi is the best regardless of the fact that he has his own gender.

Overall: I would recommend this to just about anybody teenage and above. It's a great comedy and lives you feeling happy and laughing. Also,  (currently) you can watch it free and legally on funimation's website. There's little not to like about this anime. 

6/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
7/10 overall
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