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Air Gear

Jan 28, 2010

Story: Air Gear is definitely funny. I'm usually not a fan of ecchi nor did I suddenly become one due to Air Gear but I loved the humor. I stopped Air Gear at first become the sexual content threw me off but I found myself undergoing withdrawal and missing the laughs. The action, drama and comedy all go together pretty nicely. However, the ending is awful. It leaves so much open ended and many questions unanswered. Unsatisfying ending. But the rest entertaining and engaging. The rolling skate aspect is pretty unique and interesting as well. Also, the relationship are a lot more indepth than they first appear.

Animation: Bold colors and characters design. Nice landscapes and fluid motion. Action scenes are engaging and you want to keep watching. The opening has a cool feel to it and the emotions are done well. Memorable characters that are not only representative but also unique. No two main or even secondary character look alike. The teams have a similar look but they're not important as single characters so I count their look as one. 

Sound: I love this music. It's cool, edgy, fun and memorable. Not only would I buy the soundtrack but the opening song as well. The music is definitely one the best parts of this anime. I can't say much about the seiyuus because I watched the English (I couldn't find good quality of the Japanese). The English was surprisingly pretty good. Agito's voice through me off at first but I soon started to love (not just like) it. But PHENOMENAL music.

Characters: The characters are memorable and interesting. However, the reason my score isn't as high is because they kind of annoyed me. Agito was my favorite and most of the others were generally likable.  They were pretty well developed and had depth. Really fun characters.

Overall: Air Gear was definitely out of my comfort zone but I found myself really enjoying it. I would recommend this to someone who even didn't like ecchi because, although it does have it's moments, it's generally not that bad in that aspect. Hilarious show which is re watchable. 

7/10 story
8.5/10 animation
9.5/10 sound
7/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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