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September Favorites


Now that school has started, I haven’t been able to watch or read too many new things. Sadly, I even have trouble keeping up with my current load and had to stall several. So, the size of my blogs will decrease for the time being. School does that to you :(



Usagi Drop: I loved the way this anime ended. It is on my favorite anime list. I need to write my review for this which will show how great this series is. I’d probably recommend this to just about anyone.



Arakawa Under the Bridge: I was making a playlist for anime openings when I happened to run into Arakawa Under the Bridge. I liked the opening so I decided to look the series. I’ve been reading the first few chapters and it is hilarious. It’s so interesting too. I love the premise and I can’t wait to read more it. The humor is so random. You just don’t see things coming. I'd like to see how this series unfolds because it seems promising.


Working!: I’ve been wanting to watch the anime for a while but I haven’t got around to it. However, I didn’t know that there was a manga. I started to read it and I like it. I do like four panel comic when they’re done well. The characters are so strange but interesting. I really enjoy it and I’m excited to read more.


Again, I’m sorry for the lack of content. However, I’m excited for the new fall anime season. Two that are being acquired by crunchyroll as of now that I can’t wait to see are HunterxHunter and Squid Girl 2. I miss my ika musume and I’ve been wanting to try HunterxHunter for a while now.


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