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August Favorites


August Favorites:

Massive anime/manga month :) Also, I thought my last favorites blog was long. Since when did I start writing so much.


Samurai Champloo: So after watching the failure that is Black Butler II (you can read my review on it but the series was such a waste), I was initially going to pick up Claymore. I thought it only had 24 episodes but it’s actually 26. Not that it’s that big of a deal but I started thinking if there was anything else I wanted to see. I’m still going to eventually watch Claymore but I decided to watch Samurai Champloo instead. I hear good things about this and I liked the idea. I wasn’t a fan of Afro Samurai (I dropped it after one episode) so I was hoping this was better. It sure is. It’s actually pretty awesome. People don’t recommend it just for nothing. It’s cool, fun and has an edgy feel. I love the music and animation. Not to mention that it’s hilarious. Three words: sumo fighting beetles. No joke. If you want something cool to watch, check this out. I’ll have review up soon with the pace that I’m watching this :) Well, the review is already up.

One Piece Strong World: I have watched movies based on anime series (Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon) and they have been less than stellar. It’s basically like a long filler episode. The characters are less intelligent and weaker. However, that is not the case with this. I loved this movie. I definitely want to buy this. It was like a mini One Piece arc with high quality animation and great clothes (Robin in glasses and a ponytail, the boys in suits, :DDD) I definitely like. Review is up. If you’re an OP fan, then watch this.

Disappearance of Haruhi Suzimaya: I mentioned this before but I don’t have the highest expectations for anime movies. I’m proved wrong again. I loved this. The plot, the animation, the music (awesome music) and characterizations of Nagato and Kyon. I haven’t seen the second season so I was a bit confused. But I got the jist of it and review is up so check that out. One more thing, Nagato may be one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.

Eden of the East: I love Chicka Umino. One of the main things I love about her are her character designs. I adored Honey and Clover and Sangatsu no Lion. Therefore, I’ve wanting to watch Eden of the East. I heard it’s supposed to be good and Chicka Umino does the character designs. I loved it from episode 1.  However, I do wish that the ending answered more of the questions. I have a review up so check that out. I do want to the watch the movies though to see more.

Baccano!: I saw Durarara! before I even heard of Baccano (normally it should be the other way around). I love this. I love the characters (Miria and Isaac :D), the animation, the plot and music. The soundtrack is definitely on my top music list. My review for this is up so check that out as well.

Baccano! Specials: Graham and Ladd were made to be best friends.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimaya (2009): I only watched the episodes pertaining to the Sigh of Haruhi Suzimaya but I loved it. It was perfect. It was like the book come to life. BTW, I love Nagato. :)


Fairy Tail: I get in and out of Fairy Tail because my library has a certain number of volumes. Some were checked out so I only got up to volume 10. Although I think Fairy Tail is kind of a lesser version of One Piece, I still find it to be full of fun and some heart warming scenes. It’s definitely funny and I enjoy reading it although characterizations and plot are…..less than amazing. Also, I am now completely caught up in the manga. Yay! In addition, my girly tendencies have caught up with me and my favorite ships are: Gray x Juvia, Gajeel x Levi, Elfman x Evergreen, Erza x Gerard, Lucy x Loki, Natsu x Lisanna, Happy x Charle (I didn’t forget about the cats), the cowboy ones, Mirajane x Fried. I don’t know why but I love making pairings, especially in shounen where romance is the least likely thing to happen. The bolded are my favorites.

Code Breaker: My sister started to read this and she said it was interesting. Lo and behold, I found a few volumes at my library. I decided to pick it up and it is interesting. I like the idea and I definitely like Rei. However, Sakura is such a pain, yet she doesn’t get burned. She’s almost the epitome of annoying. It’s disappointing because I thought I was going to like her at first. However, that quickly changed. She has so much strength and she decides to use it to save the lives of a bunch of horrible people. Sorry if this sounds ranting. The codebreakers are interesting and I definitely interested in reading more of it. Sadly, my sister told me the main girl doesn't get any better (she's read more of it than me) so I think I'll drop it. Points for interesting concept though.

Dragon Ball /Z: Who doesn’t love Akira Toriyama? And who doesn’t love the original Dragon Ball? I actually watched Dragon Ball Z first when I was younger. It was one of the things that bonded me and my brother (one guy with two sisters doesn’t make for  much group activity). So when I got into anime again, I watched Dragon Ball (for the love of me, I cannot remember why I decided to watch DB especially since it was right after Ouran). When my library had DB, I had to grab them off the shelves and I’ve been reading. I liked it DB when it started with the original characters. Son Goku is absolutely precious and hilarious when he was young. Ah, it’s just brings you back. Also, DB doesn’t look or feel old (except for the designs of the females). It’s strange. Inuyasha looks older to me (NOT a bad thing) but not DB. Strange.

Kobato: I saw this at my library and I thought it looked adorable. I’m a huge CLAMP fan so I’ll give anything CLAMP has done a try. It’s cute and heart warming. Kobato is sweet girl and I love her innocence. I’m interested in where this goes.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles: My sister is reading the series for the first time and we got a massive haul from the library. Therefore, I am taking the opportunity to reread the series. I finally understand why I find TRC so confusing. It’s like a loop with an exit which is the ending of the series. The main thing I don’t get is where the loop begins. I know it’s not supposed to make sense but still. However, I still love it. I already have a review on it which already shows you how much I love it. It does make me want to marathon xxxHolic. All in all, I love Clamp.

Gintama: Still hilarious and awesome. Slowly but surely, I will get caught up. It will happen. Also, I love the chapter title names. They are hilarious and so true.

The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya: I loved the first light novel and I love this as well; although, I do not like Haruhi. Kyon really does make the world’s best narrator.

Yandere Konojo: I randomly saw this and I decided to start it. It is hilarious and I absolutely adore these characters. I also haven't read a four panel in a really long time but I'm glad I started this. I got caught up in one sitting. It's definitely a fun, light read.

Doubt: Geez, I'm getting a little tired :). I have a review up so you can see my feelings about this there. I saw this while reading Yandere Konojo since it was serailized in the same magazine. It was interesting. I haven't read something this dark and macabre in a while. I don't think I will in a really long time but it's a nice change of pace every once in a while.





kitsune89 avatar kitsune89
Sep 2, 2011

Samurai Champloo is one of the best series around. Watanabe did an amazing job directing this series, and it came out a masterpiece. Glad someone else liked it too, few people taste this slow-paced show. And yeah, sumo fighting beetles, that's just win!. I love how they use modern/pop culture in the 19th century, that has got to be epic.

Personally, I found Claymore disapointing, and dropped it after 10 eps because it seemed boring. You might want to check Samurai 7 after you finish Samurai Champloo, if you haven't yet.

Higashi no Eden movies are good, they don't really clear up the mystery, but they're funny and they keep you hooked.

As for Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, I personally haven't found a series more annyoing than this one. I just couldn't taste it's humour and I was really disappointed by it, since I was expecting epic.

So which one did you find more interesting, Durarara!! or Baccano! ? I liked Baccano! more because Durarara!!'s ending was a mess =_=; Still, if they had kept the original spirit of Durarara!! and not transform it into a love triangle thingie, it would've been one of the best series around.

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