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June Favorites

30 JUN


One Piece: I love Thriller Bark. Never have I seen a funnier way of depicting zombies. I’m closing in on being completely caught up. It took a while but I’m happy. Now, I’ll be waiting enthusiastically every week for a new episode :)

Gosick: I started Gosick a while ago for a contest on crunchyroll but the first episode did quite grab me. It was ok but I just put it on my stalled list. However, I decided to try it again and I really like it. It reminds me of Sherlock Holmes. I love the detective aspect without a lot of the gore and what not. It’s funny as well. I like Kujo and Victorique is just precious.

Fairy Tail: I’ve wanted to watch Fairy Tail but the only legal place to watch was crunchyroll and you had to be a premium user. However, Funimation acquired it and it’s starting to put the episodes. I like the humor and the music and the characters (expect Lucy gets on my nerve). I’m not a fan of the pacing right now but it might improve. Also, the animation is a little lacking too especially with the magic. However, it can still get better. I’m really exciting to see more of the series.

Chobits: I started this a while ago but I was unable to find a good place to watch it. However, I now found one and I’m excited to watch more of.



It was a month of manga :)

The World God Only Knows: Continuation from last month. Yui for the win though. She is freaking awesome. I love her. If Keima is every going to be with someone, it needs to be her.

Blue Exorcist: I started the anime so I wanted to read the manga. It didn’t have that manga chapters so I decided to give it try. I really enjoyed the anime and the manga is just the same. I like the manga better because it doesn’t have as much filler which is nice. I’m also pro ShiemixRin and YukioxShuro. Also, I love the dad. As the series continues, I just miss him more and more. He was such an awesome person and I’m sad that he wasn’t alive longer. It hasn’t started for too long so I’m excited to see how it turns out.

Black Butler: I have no idea why the anime was not like this. I’m really glad that I watched the anime before reading the manga because I would have been seriously mad. The manga is so much better. It’s funny but has a legit plot. I loved the Circus Arc and of course Sebas-chan :) Demon is charming and so funny. I love his thing for cats. Also, I’m glad that Elizabeth has finally become useful. She got on my nerve and she’s finally kicking some ass. I’d really like to see how the zombies turn out. If only the anime was like this. It makes me want to go change my review for the anime.

Bakuman: I started reading Bakuman a while ago but I stopped for some reason. I forgot that I started so I decided to pick it up again. I’m really glad I did. I love the story line and it’s surprisingly really funny and exciting. I know that it’s about two guys making a manga but I get so caught up in the arks. I also like the drawing style. It’s so different from Death Note but you can still tell that it’s the same artist. I really want to see how this pans out and I also want to see those two succeed. Also, otterman for the win :)

Deadman Wonderland: I’ve been watching the anime so I decided to pick up the manga. I read the first volume before watching the anime and it really helped me understand the series. I have trouble seeing scenes in the anime when it gets dark. It’s annoying because you know something important is happening but you can’t really tell what since you can’t see. The manga fills up those questions. It’s also getting really exciting. I wasn’t expecting all those plot twists. However, I’m really rooting for ShiroxGanta. It’s a nice change of pace too since I haven’t read something with this type of feel in a long time.

Sket Dance: I started watching the anime so I decided I would start reading the manga. I really like it. It’s really funny without being repetitive. I also love the characters expect for Roman and Yaba. Those two are annoying. I also really like the development and friendship. I was expecting such dramatic pasts but it added some excitement and surprise. I’m be excited to see how it turns out and to continue laughing :D I feel like I’ve been saying the same thing for most of these but it’s true.

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: I’ve heard of this series a while ago and I wanted to start reading it. I started it and I’m really enjoying it. It’s hilarious. It had a really odd sense of humor which is nice. The art is a little lacking but it doesn’t have to be extraordinary for what it is. I’m also not usually a fan of harems but I really like this one. I’m disappointed a bit because the place where I read it skips about 50 chapters so I don’t know whether or not I’ll continue. I know that Sayonara isn’t really plot orientated but who knows what will happen in 50 chapters.

Also, this isn't a manga but I finally read The Melancoly of Haruhi Suzimaya (the first light novel). First actual book I've read in a while which is a little sad but oh well. I love it. It's like the anime but in book form. I really want to go out and get the others. If you liked the anime then you seriously have to go and get the book. It's hilarious and so great. Kyon is one of my favorite narrators. He just makes things funnier wihtout trying to hard.


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