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April Favorites



Nabari No Ou: I’m currently up to where Funimation leaves off on One Piece episodes so I have to wait a week for one episode. I was going to start Darker Than Black but Funimation took it down for the time being. So I started Nabari No Ou since they put it up again. I started it a while ago but I just put it on my stalled list because it didn’t capture interest. However, I’m really enjoying it. I do like ninjas and it has an interesting concept. I’ll be happy to see how it pans out. The animation is also nice except they are incredibly lean. I’m talking some really long limbs. It’s not a bad thing though.

Lucky Star: I started Lucky Star a while ago but my sister wanted to watch it together so I haven’t finished it. However, she gave me the green light so I watched it again. I enjoyed the series but I was expecting it to be funnier. However, it was still cute and a light thing to watch. I put a review up for it so check that out. I did love the dance though. It was awesome. If you’re not in the mood to finish the series, at the very least, watch the dance.

One Piece: I finally got caught up in the manga so I’m going to start to watch the series. Funimaton licensed One Piece and they have two sections of the series up. The first part they put both the dub and sub up. For the second part, they only have the sub because they haven’t dubbed up to that part. For a lot of series, I like reading before watching. I got caught up so now I can watch which is so exciting because I love One Piece. I just adore it. I was so excited because I was already caught up with first part.

Beelzebub: Another series my sister gave me the green light to watch. A lot of filler but it’s still funny. I don’t think it has best plot but it is definitely hilarious and Beelzebub is absolutely adorable. It’s the same level of humor as the manga. I’m expecting some more action but hopefully that will come in the future. I remember it took a while for Reborn! to become badass instead of just funny.

Hanasaku Iroha: I’m really excited about the new spring anime season. I’ve been wanting a nice slice of life series and this is just it. It’s cute and light and charming. I have really been enjoying it and the art is stunning. P.A. works has been doing some great things and Hanasaka Iroha is definitely one of them.


One Piece: If you couldn’t tell from above and the amount of times I put this in my favorites, I love One Piece. I had a reading marathon and I got caught up with the series. I seriously spent all night reading it because I couldn’t stop. We are talking almost 12 hour marathon. I was in the Impel Down arc and I just couldn’t stop. I laughed and cried. I actually cried. Two out of the only three times I have cried in any manga or anime series come from One Piece. I get sad but I hardly cry. I actually cried. Legit tears. I’m probably going to cry again when I watch the anime. On a happier note, I laughed my ass off. It was some of the funniest things I ever read. I’ve read so much of One Piece that I haven’t really been reading much else at all. I’m trying to get my sister to read but it’s out in the libraries that I go to. However, I’m going to get her started and I’ll probably reread the series because I truly adore it.

Wallflower: I found somewhere to read Wallflower and I had myself a mini-Wallflower marathon. I love Wallflower. It might just be the funniest shoujo I have ever read. And I’m finally seeing bits and pieces of progress. Finally something! It’s still as hilarious as ever.


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8059 avatar 8059
May 8, 2011

Beelzebub: Agreed. In anime there was lots of fillers but it's fun too! Lol! this is first time when someone said that anime has the same humour like in manga! xD (it's good!)
Reborn became so badass and yamamoto didn't smile so much often than usually..

Nabari no Ou: This anime was okey. It wasn't so interesting but I still watched it in the end and came to like only 1 person.

Manga One Piece: Ahaha! Same as me. I myself got stuck reading one piece then reading in my exams! Actually I cried more in Nami's past (y) If you have readed the latest manga I would like to talk more XD it's so much funnier to talk it together 8D

I watched/readed almost all what was here expect Hanasaku Iroha
so I must say I really like your taste !!

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