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October Favorites


Well sadly this will be short like the last one :( There's actually no manga section because I have issues just keeping up with what I'm reading let alone reading anything new. Good news is the new fall anime season. I haven't seen a lot of new stuff but I've still got a few :)


Squid Girl: I loved the first season and I was anticipating the sequel. Honestly, the first episode wasn't as good as I hoped it would be. However, it's gotten better and I'm really enjoying it. I really missed my ika musume. She's still adorable and hilarious. Also, now she can take over America and the sky with her gravity defying bracelets and Engrish :)

Kimi to Boku: This feels like a mix between K-on and Hanasaku Iroha (which I need to finish :/). It's got some humour and a really light slice of life feel. I do hope that it picks up a bit up but, for right now, I still enjoy it. The boys are cute but not too memorable. It's just nice to watch and I do love slice of life. Also, surprisingly, I enjoy the music. The soundtrack consists of songs instead of instrumentals and I really like them.

Chihayafuru: The premise is interesting and so are the people. I would like to see how this story fleshes. I don't know too much yet other than I want to continue it.

One Piece: Two words: NEW WORLD. Yesss! I have been waiting for this. The new opening is cute even though I did like the last one better. However, I happy with how it's going and I love see the crew again.

Sadly, I would like to watch more of this season and hopefully I will get to.

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