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First Impressions: Afro Samurai

13 JUL

So I had some high expectations from Afro Samurai. I have heard many good things about it and it looked like it had that edgy, grity feel to it. I usually don't watch my series like it so I wanted to give it try. When I saw that it only had five episodes and I had a place to watch it legally and for free, I watched the first episode. Visually, it was really cool. It had the feel I was looking for but it wasn't really my cup of tea. I can handle violence (I got through Deadman Wonderland while watching most of the blood) but this was a bit much for me. I also understand getting revenge but I don't get why he wants to kill everybody. It also didn't help with the scantly clad women all over the old guy. It's currently on my Dropped list. I might change but I'd rather watch series I liked or at the very least entertain me.

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