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May Favorites


Yay for Summer! A lot of new anime this month :)


Deadman Wonderland: I read the first volume of this and I was excited to try it. I'm really enjoying it. I excited to see how the series goes. I'm a bit surprised I like it since I'm not too much of a gore person.

One Piece: I'm still on my One Piece kick. I'm about done with Ennies Lobby which was great. I'm really excited about Thriller Bark :) I love my One Piece. Also, Sogieking theme ftw. It should be known by know how much I love my One Piece and you'll probably still see this in June Favorites. Btw, I mentioned this in my last favorites but I did cry. Not just teary eyed but some real tears. I'm not going to put any spoilers but have some tissues on hand. First time I've ever actually cried in an anime.

Blue Exorcist: I read about this on a preview for what was coming out Spring 2011 and it caught my eye. I started it and I love it. It's cute, funny and full of action. Also, how can you not like a series when one of the lines was: "I'm going to kick Satan's ass". Really, what's not to like.

Sket Dance: I also heard about this coming out Spring 2011. I started it and it's really funny. It's cute, fun and it reminds me of Encyclopedia Brown (something I used to read as a kid). I wasn't expecting that aspect of it. I'm happy about this on too.

The World God Only Knows II: I'm happy about this one getting a season 2. I liked the first season but it definitely needed a second season. The pacing feels a bit slower but it's still funny as usual. I adore Keima. He is just hilarious. Sadly, the girls are still annoyig. However, I see a teacher coming which will be fun. I'm really excited to see more of this one.

Code Geass: I can't believe I was about to forget about this one. I started this a long time ago but I didn't get past the first couple of episodes. I was always in the mood for something comedic. Funny enough, I have a small Code Geass poster on my while. So I finally got around to sit down and watch the rest of it. I mean if it's on my wall, I should at least watch it. Check out my review for it which sums up how I feel about it. Cliffhanger ending got to me though and I want to see season 2 which I thought was up on Crunchyroll. It's not so now I'm sad because I wanted some more Code Geass. Now, it rightfully belongs on my wall :)

I've really been enjoying this new season of anime. I've already got a couple of favorites and I'm excited to see how they all turn out. They've all made good first impressions on me.


The World God Only Knows: I've been wanting to read this way back when the first season for the anime came out. I finally got to reading it and I love it. It's hilarious and the pacing is much better than the anime. The anime feels slower to me. But I love it and I've been on this TWGOK kick.

One Piece: I've gotten my sister reading One Piece and I've been rereading it with her. She loves and I'm going back when before Alabasta. Back in the day :) I love it. Btw, I can't believe how different Chopper looks at first. It completely forget about that. Also, I forgot how sexy Robin was as Miss All Sunday. Not that she isn't sexy now but damn. Girl was fine :P



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